BBC news presenter Jon Sopel breaks hip in scooter crash – then rides to hospital in agony

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Updated: 17:09 BST, 21 October 2010

Injured: Jon Sopel impacted with a auto while riding a bike in focal LondonBB
BBC news moderator Jon Sopel challenged intense torment in a ‘desperate’ offer to front broadcast scope of the government’s spending survey – in spite of breaking a hip in a bike crash.

The 51-year-old at first shrugged off the damage as a ‘dead leg’ at the point when he slipped on wet clears out what’s more, fell on to a street in focal London recently morning.
He promptly got back on the bike plan on proceeding his travel to work in Westminster.
It was as it were at the point when the torment moved toward becoming deplorable that he figured it out he would have to go to hospital.
When he arrived at A&E, he stopped outside what’s more, held up for an emergency vehicle group to offer assistance him off his scooter.
It required three individuals to lift him into a wheelchair.
The full degree of his damage at that point developed – clearing out specialists flabbergasted that he had overseen to drive to hospital.
Married Sopel told associates at BBC News: ‘I thought I had just given myself a dead leg at to start with what’s more, that the torment would ease – yet it didn’t, it progressed toward becoming unbearable’.
A BBC representative said Sopel had been ‘desperate’ to take part in one of the greatest occasions in the political calendar, as Chancellor George Osborne reported clearing spending cuts.
Instead, he went into surgery just as Prime Minister’s questions was beginning – what’s more, came round as Mr Osborne sat down having reported the discoveries of the government review.
Sopel is presently recouping in healing facility after a fruitful operation.

He faces a few weeks of recovery some time recently returning to work.
The BBC representative said: ‘We wish him well what’s more, look forward to him coming back.’
Sopel,  who presents the Legislative issues Appear on BBC1 what’s more, the BBC News Channel, was voted political writer of the year in 2007 by the open undertakings industry.
He begun his BBC profession in nearby radio, working for BBC Radio Solent in Southampton.
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