Police hunt for car vandals unmasks cable-chewing squirrels

By Day by day Mail Correspondent
Updated: 10:50 BST, 16 October 2010
A pack of hungry squirrels were revealed as the guilty parties behind a string of auto vandalism incidents
Police called off their chase for car-wrecking vandals after following down the genuine guilty parties – a pack of hungry squirrels.
An examination was propelled after seven autos had their ABS brake links cut or, then again harmed what’s more, a few homes had their telephone links severed.
Officers issued a open claim what’s more, made house-to-house enquiries encouraging occupants to report anybody seen acting suspiciously.
High perceivability police watches were too conveyed out in the in north Swindon area.

However, Wiltshire Police called off the operation after tests uncovered the guilty parties were as a matter of fact squirrels.
Animal welfare specialists asked the open not to take the law into their claim hands in managing with the bothersome rodents.
Wiltshire Police Overseer Pete Chamberlain said: ‘We are looking to work with Swindon Ward Council’s bother control officers to attempt what’s more, bargain with this issue.
‘It is not as it were ABS links that the rodents have assaulted yet a few phone wires in the region so people’s lives have been influenced in numerous ways.’
A representative for the RSPCA added: ‘Squirrels do have a propensity to bite through wires of all sorts.
‘It is vital nonetheless that individuals of the open do not attempt to get the squirrels what’s more, take the law into their claim hands.
‘Squirrels may well chomp in the event that cornered which may result in a healing center visit or, on the other hand at minimum a lockjaw jab.’
Andrew Tyler, executive of creature rights gathering Creature Aid, told the Every day Broadcast that occupants must not hurt squirrels.
He said: ‘The entirety introduce of plant specialists murdering squirrels is scornful what’s more, bigoted. It’s the most noticeably awful kind of intolerance.
‘People ought to treasure them.’
However Ian Woods, originator of Dark Squirrel Control, disagreed, saying that the creatures could bite through water pipes, Television aerials what’s more, indeed rooftop joists.
He said: ‘The open ought to be doing their most extreme to get what’s more, murder as numerous as they can.
‘Home proprietors are very in their lawful right to trap what’s more, slaughter them as long as they utilize approved, sympathetic traps.’
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