Cameron confronted by hero Harrier pilot’s serving son over plans to scrap his jets

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Updated: 01:10 BST, 20 October 2010
David Cameron was stood up to by a legend Harrier pilot’s serving child today over his plans to scrap the Ark Illustrious air ship transporter what’s more, its jets.
Royal Naval force Lieutenant Leader Kris Ward, 37, whose father Cdr Nigel ‘Sharkey’ Ward driven assaults on Argentina  amid the Falklands conflict, told the Prime Minister: ‘I am a Harrier pilot what’s more, I have flown 140 odd missions in Afghanistan, what’s more, I am presently possibly confronting unemployment. How am I gathered to feel about that, please, sir?’
Mr Cameron said thanks to Lt Cdr Ward for ‘everything’ he had done for his country, adding: ‘We do have to make choices for the future what’s more, there have been long exchanges about this in the National Security Council.
Royal Naval force Lieutenant Leader Kris Ward, right, with his father Officer ‘Sharkey’ Ward who have both flown Harriers in combat
‘I have tuned in to all the military advice, what’s more, the military exhortation is lovely clear that at the point when we have to make troublesome decisions, it is right to keep the Typhoon as our primary ground assault aircraft, working in Afghanistan at the moment, what’s more, it is right to resign the Harrier.;
Lt Cdr Ward addressed Mr Cameron amid a Question what’s more, Reply session with staff at the Lasting Joint Home office (PJHQ), in north west London.

Speaking afterwards, Lt Cdr Ward said: ‘I get it that cuts have to be made, yet I am not beyond any doubt that these are the right cuts.’
Another part of the staff, addressing Mr Cameron about the utilize of air ship bearers under the terms of the review, asked: ‘If we are punching above our weight why are we spending billions on airplane bearers just so that US what’s more, French air ship can take off what’s more, not UK fighters?’ he said.
Mr Cameron insisted: ‘They will have UK warriors on them’ – to the reaction of ‘not for ten a long time sir’ from the part of staff.
Grim confronted what’s more, with arms firmly folded, Safeguard Secretary Liam Fox, left, what’s more, Muscle head Stirrup, right, active head of the equipped forces, tune in to David Cameron tending to military staff

Military staff appear their discouragement as the Prime Serve talks of ‘difficult decisions’ at the Perpetual Joint Base camp in Northwood
Lt Cdr Ward’s father, who is presently 66, was the telling officer of 801 Maritime Air Squadron amid the Falklands, which was based on HMS Powerful what’s more, shot down eight Argentine aircraft.
Mr Cameron had swore that England would remain a ‘front rank’ military control as he looked for to console benefit staff over cuts to the protection budget.
The Prime Serve said: “The right choice for the long term is to have the carrier, to have the right sort of joint strike contender inter-operable with the French what’s more, the Americans so you have that strike capacity for the future.’
He acknowledged that cleared out a hole for a number of a long time where there was not ‘carrier strike capability’ yet there was still the capacity of anticipating air power.
Mr Cameron confronting more questions amid his visit to the Operations Room at Permament Joint Base camp in Northwood
The Prime Serve gone by the control room of the PJHQ what’s more, visited to staff mindful for back-up bolster to leaders in field in Afghanistan.
He too gotten a private preparation from the leader of joint operations, Air Marshal Sir Stuart Peach.
Mr Cameron communicated his “heartfelt” much appreciated to staff for their work, saying the SDSR had been an ‘incredibly difficult’ piece of work.
‘Defence is the to begin with obligation of any government what’s more, it is a duty, as Prime Minister, that I take fantastically seriously,’ he told them.
‘Most vital of all, we will make beyond any doubt that England is well guarded what’s more, we have a set of equipped powers that as a matter of fact are fit for the present day world,’ he said.
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