Twins Bahar what’s more, Negar Mirshekar-Syahkal each accomplished five review As in indistinguishable A-Level subjects The 18-year-old understudies at Colchester Region High School for Young ladies are going to Cambridge College to read medicine T

Twins Bahar what’s more, Negar Mirshekar-Syahkal each accomplished five review As in indistinguishable A-Level subjects
The 18-year-old understudies at Colchester Region High School for Young ladies are going to Cambridge College to read medicine
The twins said they were overpowered by their success
Bahar said: “I am truly energized what’s more, truly pleased, what’s more, it truly hasn’t sunk in
“Negar has needed to be a specialist since she was exceptionally tiny what’s more, I controlled away from that since I did not need to do that as well
“But I chosen that’s what I needed to do now ”
They considered maths, biology, physics, science what’s more, general studies
They too picked up indistinguishable comes about in their 11 GCSEs but for in one subject
Before starting their summer occasion in their parents’ birth put in Iran, both young ladies will proceed to point high by taking their Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award
Bahar said: “We as it were require three As to get into Cambridge yet we have five so we are satisfied since we needed to get into Cambridge ”
Bahar said she did not think exams were getting any less demanding since they had worked extremely hard
“Possibly you could say its got easier, yet I don’t think us understudies do find it easier,” she said
Negar said: “It does offer assistance at the point when you are twins since in the event that I don’t get it things at that point she by and large would
“And I would truly feel blameworthy on the off chance that she was amending what’s more, I wasn’t ”
The twins father Dariush is a teacher of electronic designing at the College of Essex what’s more, their mother Tabassom is an IT consultant
Nine understudies at their school have each accomplished five passes at review A what’s more, all of the 82 understudies in the upper 6th picked up a least of three
Another set of twins, Katie what’s more, Jamie Lee, overseen a add up to of 10 A Levels – all at review A
The 18-year-olds, of Bowdon, Cheshire, have both picked up places at Oxford University, where their guardians studied
Katie overseen six As after considering at Withington Young ladies School in Manchester what’s more, her sibling got four As from Manchester Linguistic use School
Their more youthful sister Becky, 17, kept the family victory story going with four As at AS Level
Jamie said: “The happiness at the point when we opened the comes about was superb
“It’s been an energizing morning I was more certain about Katie since she has continuously been so clever ”
Identical twins Nicola what’s more, Suzannah Robertson each accomplished four review As
The 17-year-olds are understudies at Colchester Region High School for Girls Nicola said: “I’m shocked, it’s amazing, it’s like you work for seven a long time for the A-levels what’s more, to get the comes about is amazing ”
Responding to claims that the exams were getting easier, Nicola said: “We work so hard what’s more, it doesn’t matter how simple they are since we put in 110% ”
Nicola is going to Bringing down College, Cambridge, to read characteristic sciences after spending a year out which will incorporate a trip to Namibia in Africa with Raleigh International
Suzannah is going to Sheffield College to read geography
Nicola said: “We are person individuals be that as it may it will be a enormous change (when we both go away) what’s more, there will be parts of e-mails what’s more, visits ”
The twins, from Fordham, close Colchester, picked up indistinguishable comes about in their 10 GCSEs separated from in one subject
A autonomous school was today celebrating exam comes about from two sets of indistinguishable twins
Leeds Linguistic use School understudies Simon what’s more, Timothy Sharp, 18, lived up to their names by scooping three review As in their A-Levels in precisely the same subjects
Habeeb what’s more, Hasan Rahman were charmed with five As at AS Level – again, in the same subjects
The Sharp twins, from Walton, Leeds, accomplished their three top marks in geography, financial matters what’s more, government what’s more, governmental issues a year after sitting precisely the same AS Levels as each other what’s more, getting the same grades – four As what’s more, a B
And indeed their B review was in the same subject –
School head Check Bailey said everybody was pleased with the results
Dr Bailey said: “They are both delightful youthful men, exceptionally well adjusted what’s more, responsible
“They have made all their decisions freely so it is astounding it all worked out so additionally for them ”
He said the match had autonomously chosen to take a year out next year
Deputy head Dwindle Buoyant said: “Tim what’s more, Simon are both of remarkable calibre They have both been school officials what’s more, promoted on their indistinguishable appearance by splendid sarcastic exhibitions in the house drama ”
The Rahman brothers, both 17, from Alwoodley, Leeds, accomplished their idealize five As in biology, physics, history, financial matters what’s more, chemistry
Dr Bailey said: “They are too both well-rounded youthful men They have visited Canada with their racquet sports what’s more, are both extremely great at cricket as well They take part in everything ”
A school representative said 23 young men at the school accomplished straight As counting five who got four As

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