by KATIE NICHOLL, Mail on Sunday Bruce Forsyth’s spouse what’s more, young child were subjected to a alarming experience as a pack of hooded criminals broke into their 4 million home The hooligans undermined them with blades what’s more, violentl

by KATIE NICHOLL, Mail on Sunday
Bruce Forsyth’s spouse what’s more, young child were subjected to a alarming experience as a pack of hooded criminals broke into their £4 million home

The hooligans undermined them with blades what’s more, violently beat up their female housekeeper

The men gotten away with money what’s more, adornments worth thousands of pounds in the midnight raid, accepted to have been purposely conveyed out while the incredible performer was away observing The Open golf

Mr Forsyth’s maid was taken to healing facility with genuine facial injuries, yet his spouse Wilnelia, a previous Miss World, what’s more, their 15-year-old child JJ (Jonathan Joseph) gotten away without injury

The 73-year-old previous Era Diversion have promptly flew back from Edinburgh to London to comfort his bothered family

He told The Mail on Sunday: ‘I am profoundly stunned what’s more, agitate by the attack My wife, child what’s more, servant acted with extensive courage Be that as it may at this time I will be making no further comment ‘

The three-man posse broke into the extravagance property on the Wentworth Domain in Virginia Water, Surrey – next to Wentworth golf course – late on Friday night

Wilnelia what’s more, JJ had gone to bed at 11 45pm what’s more, it was half an hour afterward at the point when the 48-year-old servant heard commotions

downstairs what’s more, went to investigate The woman, who lives in at the huge house home, was accepted to have exasperates the trio in a living room

The posse appeared her no mercy, concurring to a source included in the investigation, what’s more, there was a recommendation that a cut may have been utilized on her

The source said that at minimum one of the burglars snatched the scared lady what’s more, choked her She battled what’s more, amid the scuffle the assailant sprinkled a arrangement of horrible punches to her face

Bloodied what’s more, shaken, she was at that point tied up with a cord

‘As far as we know, the other looters proceeded seeking the house what’s more, took what gems what’s more, money they could find,’ the source added

‘The maid could do nothing as she was tied up what’s more, it was nearly 15 minutes some time recently the alert could be raised ‘

Mr Forsyth’s spouse what’s more, child woke up yet were not assaulted by the raiders, who fled from the house with the jewels what’s more, pieces of jewelry in a bag Wilnelia overseen to get to a telephone at 12 40am what’s more, dialed 999 Police what’s more, an emergency vehicle were there inside 20 minutes

The police source said the emergency vehicle team spent practically an hour treating the housekeeper’s wounds which included a seriously split lip, dark eyes what’s more, genuine mouth what’s more, jaw injuries

‘She had been very, extremely seriously beaten in a silly upheaval of brutality what’s more, was at that point tied up,’ he added

She was taken to St Peter’s Hospital, Chertsey, where, a representative said, she would be worked on today

Wilnelia what’s more, her child were treated for stun be that as it may did not require to go to the hospital

Detective Boss Overseer Simon Humphreys, who is driving the chase for the robbers, said that officers were contemplating CCTV film from the domain what’s more, conveying out house-to-house inquiries He added: ‘This was a

particularly irritating episode what’s more, we need to hear from anybody who may have any data in connection to the three suspects ‘

Two of them were black, the other white Analysts said they may have come from outside the area, perhaps from London

One of Mr Forsyth’s neighbours, who did not need to be named, said: ‘It’s totally stunning news One of the best highlights about living here has continuously been the brilliant security We’re such a little group so any outsiders as a rule stick out like a sore thumb ‘

Plainclothes officers were last night looking for clues

One of the questions police will be inquiring was how the posse beat Mr Forsyth’s security system

His home on the private bequest is secured by electronic doors bearing the starting F There are too video cameras what’s more, an expound alarm

The police source said: ‘The pack must have known about the security measures at Mr Forsyth’s home what’s more, must have arranged this attack to a great degree well ‘

A Surrey police representative said last night: ‘At the time of the offense Mr Forsyth was not at his home He was in Muirfield in Scotland observing The Open golf championship A cut was seen in the episode what’s more, compel was used ‘

Mr Forsyth had been remaining in Scotland with individual Television identity what’s more, entertainer Ronnie Corbett, too a golf fanatic Police turned up at the entryway of his extravagance occasion home close the Muirfield course

Mr Corbett said: ‘They just thumped on the entryway what’s more, broke the news Bruce promptly rang home what’s more, the officers took him to the air terminal to get the to begin with flight down south

‘Bruce was extremely upset The police told Bruce it wasn’t a wonderful attack There was a bit of aggro what’s more, violence Bruce was just mitigated his family was all right

‘I truly felt for my companion be that as it may we are all so mitigated Bruce’s family are all fine ‘

There was a doubt last night that the thieves were tipped off that Mr Forsyth would be away, much appreciated to a BBC meet on Wednesday, amid which Mr Corbett told golf analyst Dwindle Alliss that his companion would be remaining with him this weekend

A representative for Mr Forsyth said: ‘It’s extremely stunning what’s more, annoying yet we have been told by the police not to say anything else ‘

The family are said to be devastated-about the attack of their home, which is arranged in a withdrawn spot on the golf course Mr Forsyth, an ardent golfer, cherishes the property since he is capable to walk outside what’s more, play his top choice sport

The couple too oftentimes engage their family what’s more, companions in the luxurious grounds

It is not however known how the burglars entered the house which is come to by a private drive driving up to the entryway of the property where, until now, Mr Forsyth has lived securely for 25 years

Inside the house is a impressive yard with marble columns what’s more, an collectible terrific piano There is moreover full-length oil painting of Wilnelia, Mr Forsyth’s third wife

The broad grounds have tennis courts what’s more, wonderful gardens Mr Forsyth to begin with lived there with his second spouse Anthea what’s more, their little girls Charlotte what’s more, Louisa The combine met at the point when they worked together on BBC1’s Era Game

Together they framed a breathtaking showbusiness pair what’s more, at the point when they facilitated the appear they would pull in groups of onlookers of 21 million Yet the two separated in 1982

Before Anthea, he was hitched to Penny Calvert, a previous dancer

They separated in 1973 what’s more, had three daughters, Debbie, Julie what’s more, Laura

His longest marriage, however, has been to his Puerto Rican spouse Wilnelia They have been hitched for 20 years Their adolescent child is at Charterhouse school

Forsyth has depicted his child as ‘a superbly good looking boy He’s laid back like his mother JJ worships her what’s more, it’s dazzling to observe her with him, particularly at the point when they talk together in Spanish ‘

Four a long time back Wilnelia endured an ectopic pregnancy what’s more, the couple were said to be upset about the misfortune of their second child

The Forsyths have a few of the most prosperous neighbors in Britain, multi-millionaires who appreciate the protection managed to them in the little town of Virginia Water between Ascot what’s more, Windsor

They incorporate golfer Sandy Lyle, what’s more, film executive Bryan Forbes what’s more, his wife, on-screen character Nanette Newman

Previous well known neighbors have included Scratch Faldo what’s more, the Duchess of York, who leased a house on the estate

Almost all of the houses on the Wentworth Bequest are covered up down long drives with their possess electronic entryways what’s more, are famous for their magnificent security

Security cameras, spotlights what’s more, interloper cautions together with security watches can all be unmistakably seen by visitors

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