10 Surprisingly Good Chinese Electric SUVs to Receive International Acclaim in 2022

Just like Japanese carmakers took over the globe in 1980s, in the foreseeable future, Chinese companies are expected to dominate the EV segment. Generous subsidies from the government, readiness for fast pace innovation and the absence of stale OEMs who are not willing to accept the inevitability of the electric future, are fueling the rapid domestic and international growth. IN this episode we will cover the newest electric crossover SUVs from China that deliver competitive range, advanced self-driving features and high quality of inside out finishes.

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List of all models from this #ATelectriccars video:

00:00 Introduction

00:49 XPeng G9

XPeng G9 is the company’s 4th model as well as its largest SUV to date that belongs to the mid-size class and debuts the brand’s new X-EEA 3.0 electrical architecture.

01:53 Human Horizons HiPhi X
An electric SUV with suicide doors, elevating roof sections, 5G-ready vehicle-to-X communication system and 562 sensors ensuring Level 4 autonomous driving. This is the reality for the HiPhi X SUV built by Human Horizons.

03:05 MG ZS EV
The pre-facelift ZS EV could not be distinguished from its gasoline sibling, but now, one of the UK’s best selling affordable electric crossovers gets a recognizable closed off grille with a charging port, Silverstone 21 LED units headlights and Phantom LED taillights.

04:17 Aiways U5
The European expansion of the Aiways crossover began in 2020, and this year, the model is being delivered to customers with a slight exterior refresh. The drivetrain system remains unchanged, so the U5 is motivated by a single electric motor that sends 204 horses and 230 lb-ft to the front axle.

05:20 Hongqi E-HS9
Already labeled by the media “the Rolls Royce” of electric cars, the new Hongqi e-HS9 indeed rocks a Cullinan-like front end and two-tone bodywork, created by the British brand’s Giles Taylor.

06:27 BYD Tang
With the 2nd generation of the Tang mid-size SUV, BYD targets international markets, including Europe and South America.

07:30 MG Marvel R
The MG Marvel R has a dedicated electric platform, debut’s MG’s new design language with head and taillights spanning across the entire width of the car, and gets a solid equipment package to compete with the market leaders.

08:45 NIO ES8
This is the first NIO model to break out from China. After reaching Norway shores in late 2021, it will be also sold in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark. The ES8 is the brand’s largest full-size SUV.

09:53 Geometry EX3
Geometry EX3 is the newest member of the super-affordable electric crossovers segment that measures just 157 inches in length, accommodates 5 people, and still offers almost 17.7 cubic feet of boot space.

10:53 Li One
On sale since 2019, the Li One has been a best-selling full-size SUV in China, beating both domestic and foreign electrified cars. Now, it is being enhanced across the board, offering more range, improved interior tech, and more advanced driving assists.

12:02 GAC Aion LX Plus
GAC Aion LX Plus is the new flagship version of the LX SUV that offers faster charging abilities, higher battery capacity, and improved interior tech. The model promises 725 horsepower, 2.9seconds, 0 to 60 and 440 miles of driving.

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