10 Upcoming Full-Size SUVs to Arrive in 2022 (Walkaround and Luxury Interior Elements)

The time has come to put in check those arrogant executives with lame Limousines and flagship sedans . Luxury SUVs are the new kings on the block and they eat such tiny cars for lunch. If you want to see the newest giants from this category, stick around till the end of this video, because we will be covering 2022 newcomers in all of their glory!

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All models that made it to this top list of #AT_New_Cars:

00:00 Introduction

00:31 Range Rover

After celebrating its semicentennial, the Jaguar Land Rover’s flagship enters the fifth generation. The 2023 Range Rover becomes 50% stiffer, 24% quieter, 12 percent more aerodynamic and 3-inches roomier.

01:55 Lexus LX

Following in the footsteps of the new generation Land Cruiser, the 2022 Lexus LX adopts elements from the company’s global platform, losing 441 pounds of weight in the process. There is only one drivetrain option – a new 3.5L twin turbo V6 that brings more power than the previous naturally aspirated V8.

03:03 Lincoln Navigator

The mid generation facelift for the 2022 Lincoln Navigator is rather subtle, yet still guarantees to generate strong sales with a more textured grille, standard adaptive pixel projector headlights, a full-width 3D taillight and the next gen infotainment.

04:04 Mercedes-Benz EQG

In 2024, Mercedes-Benz G-Class should be getting a new life as an all-electric vehicle. Previewed by the pre=production Concept EQV, it should retain its superior 4-wheel drive off-roading capability with the help of 4 independent motors, a redesigned rear axle and a new two-speed gearbox.

05:06 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

The iconic moniker returns in 2022 ready to win over American families with unprecedented level of luxury mixed with undisputed Jeep four wheel drive capability. The Grand Wagoneer flagship shares the body-on-frame construction with the Ram pickup.

06:23 Toyota Land Cruiser

2022 Toyota Land Cruiser is positioned as the brand’s global offering, that unfortunately is not going to be available neither in Europe not in the US.

07:39 Human Horizons HiPhi X

The production of the 2022 Human Horizons HiPhi X is already underway in China, and the model is currently being delivered to the first 3000 buyers who purchased the limited Founder’s edition.

08:48 Mercedes Maybach EQS

2022 Mercedes Maybach EQS previews the future electric SUV from the company., that will be available under Mercedes, AMG and Maybach brands. The model will be built on the dedicated EVA2 platform, and in case of Maybach EQS SUV, it will be available exclusively in AWD.

09:49 BMW iX

The most controversially looking electric SUV of all time holds the status of BMW’s global electric flagship. Its dedicated EV architecture has 118-inches wheelbase and offers a lounge-like seating for 5. Two variants of the BMW iX will go on sale in the upcoming months.

11:03 Infiniti QX80

In the past year, Infiniti has been slowly updating its SUV lineup, and now the changes reach the brand’s largest vehicle – the 7-seat QX80. Though its usual muscular exterior remains untouched, the cabin absorbs the entire plethora of the upgrades and modernizations.

12:09 Hummer EV SUV

Do not expect the Hummer EV SUV to hit dealerships earlier than 2023, but GM has already disclosed enough info that hints at the birth of the new electric luxury SUV dominator.

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