10 Upcoming Scooters Reviewed with Main Specs & Estimated Prices for 2023

We live during the times when efficiency of personal transportation feels incredibly crucial. In a situation when one must decide between pedaling a bicycle for hours or wasting a lot of energy to drive solo in a gas guzzling automobile, there seems to be no right choice. However, today I would like to suggest a perfect alternative for economic and frugal city transportation that is on the rise across the oil deprived globe. Let’s explore the latest scooters of 2022 and beyond that open up a new dimension of affordable commuting for all.

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List of all models shown in this #ATmotorcycles video:

00:00 Introduction

00:49 Yamaha NEO’s

Revealed in March 2022, the Yamaha NEO’s is the first scooter of the brand’s electric mobility branch that targets urban, 50cc segment.

02:00 Honda ADV350

Following the playbook of the already successful X-ADV, Honda are adding yet another adventure scooter to their lineup. The 2022 Honda ADV350 has a sporty engine and can handle occasional off-the-pavement adventure thanks to its rugged chassis and non-adjustable suspension.

03:12 BMW CE 04

Starting from 2022, the BMW urban mobility will converting into the brand’s all-electric branch, and the first model of this new generation lineup is the BMW CE04 maxi scooter.

04:21 Yamaha Tricity 125

2022 Yamaha Tricity 125 arrives with a list of comprehensive revisions, that include comfier chassis, new rear suspension, Euro5 engine and improved tech.

05:46 SYM Joyride 300

The 2023 SYM Joyride 300 offers buyers a full package: comfortable ride, competitive performance, practicality and a low starting price.

07:00 Suzuki Avenis

With the all-new Avenis, Suzuki plans to rival its major Indian competitors TVS NTorq and Honda Dio. This is a 125cc city commuter with an attractive design, modern dashboard and an economical engine.

08:06 Aprilia SR GT

2022 Aprilia SR GT arrives to the market in two engine options, 125 or 175cc, and two exterior styles standard and Sport.

09:28 SYM Maxsym TL 508 TCS

2022 SYM MAXSYM TL 508 TCS is the flagship model of the range that benefits from a newly added motorcycle-grade traction control system.

10:52 Yamaha E01

2022 Yamaha E01 is being launched as a demonstration test model in Europe and Asia, plus in Japan, 20+ year-old motorcycle license-holders will be able to lease it at 170 bucks per month.

11:59 Lambretta X300

Unlike the rest of the lineup, the Lambretta X300 appeals to the younger generation with its angular shape, Lambretta horn cast, futuristic air vents and a full LED lighting system with a built in logo.

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