2020 BMW 2 Series; Why Manufacturers Shouldn’t Charge a Premium for Safety Features | #269

This week we give our first impressions of the 2020 BMW 228i xDrive Gran Coupe, discuss its driving characteristics, and how it compares to its competitors, like the Genesis G70. CR has released a new study which finds that on many vehicles important advanced safety features like AEB (Automatic Emergency Braking) and FCW (Forward Collision Warning) are only available in expensive optional packages, and paired with less crucial amenities (such as sunroofs and heated seats.) We talk about the importance of these life saving systems, and why they should be standard on every car. We also answer questions about the safety of Tesla’s chargers and other home EV chargers in wet, rainy conditions; why tires could become noisy after they are rotated; and suggest a fun, manual transmission car for a teen driver under $15k.


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00:00 – Introduction
01:33 – CR’s Vehicle Safety Features Study
05:58 – 2020 BMW 228i xDrive Gran Coupe First Impressions
11:39 – Question #1: How safe are EV home chargers in wet weather?
14:10 – Question #2: Why tires might become noisy after a rotation?
16:49 – Question #3: What is a cool and fun, but also safe and reliable, manual transmission car for teen?


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Boat Cleaning and Detailing Business – Dry Dock or In Water – One if By Land, Two If By Sea

There are a number of ways you can tackle your watercraft washing and also cleansing organization. The most basic is to operate in a watercraft lawn with a lift, perhaps leasing some area from another marine service as well as really take the boats out of the water for describing, repair, and barnacle breaking. And afterwards you can do your regular washing on the other vessels, your routine consumers on the dock – straightforward enough – as well as you can link a little stress washing machine to the yard tube on the dock and also clean away.

Should I Start a Boat Cleaning Company – What if the Competition’s Already Cleaning Boats?

Recently a person asked me regarding establishing a boat cleaning company there at their local marina, and also they wanted aid with preparing a service strategy. Still, they were rather worried that there could already be competition. And also I asked, well is there competitors, as well as they described they really did not recognize yet for sure, however assumed there may be, as well as they were worried this would certainly destroy their plans of beginning their very own organization there.

Car Wash and Detailing

Intend to save money as well as keep your auto clean? Then use a basic as well as tried and tested approach for cleansing and also outlining your cars and truck.

Improving a Vehicle With Pickup Truck Accessories

Big vehicles such as pickup and 4x4s are coming to be increasing preferred due to the extreme climate conditions we are experiencing an increasing number of of. While the federal government tries to prevent people from purchasing these sorts of vehicles by boosted tax and also fuel prices, the reality is that they are ending up being progressively required in this country and also such, individuals are prepared to pay this additional money in order to be able to stay mobile during durations of cold conditions as well as heavy snowfall.

Keeping Car Space Free With Roof Boxes

Travelling on long trips with an automobile loaded with things is something that most family members often tend to fear. There is nothing even worse than a person being cramped into the corner of a vehicle for hrs on end, with resting bags and also even outdoors tents taking up useful seating space. Not just is this incredibly irritating and also unpleasant, yet it can trigger discomforts in the back and neck, so is definitely not the perfect scenario to be in.

Information for Changes of Interior and Exterior Car Decorations

Enhancements to autos can be done with attractive cars and truck accessories. These are items that have actually been added after automobiles building from the manufacturer has actually been wrapped up. Auto designs can be included in the interior along with the exterior of a vehicle.

Consider Customizing Your Car With a Wooden Steering Wheel

Selecting a wood steering wheel over a routine black or grey one significantly enhances the overall feel and look of your vehicle’s inside. The originality of a timber grain guiding wheel adds that traditional as well as fashionable aspect that no routine wheel can also resemble.

Cobb Tuning AccessPORT – Performance Tuning Simplified

The Cobb Adjusting AccessPORT enables you to access your automobile’s hidden power! Just link into your OBD diagnostics port, and also in minutes you can transform the ECU programs to give you an additional 20-40 Wheel Horsepower. It’s as easy as that!

Do I Need a Fictitious Name Statement and Insurance to Run a Mobile Detailing Business?

There are all kinds of things you will need to establish your mobile auto outlining company. For circumstances, recently, a person asked me if they would certainly require a make believe name declaration. Right here is what I clarified; yes, you will certainly need a Fictitious Name Statement to obtain a city company permit as well as to open up an organization examining account so you can transfer the checks people create to you for solutions, and also you can usually obtain the application at city hall for whatever city you remain in, they generally have them there.

Should I Get Washing Contracts For My Mobile Car Washing Company?

Lots of folks simply starting out think that they need to obtain contracts with their customers to avoid competition from swiping their brand-new bigger corporate or fleet clients. Does this make good sense you ask? Well, I mean it might, yet it would matter what sort of clients or customers they were, as well as you as a mobile cars and truck clean driver really need to ask yourself; why do you require an arrangement?

Secure Your Vehicle With an Alarm System

Peace of mind is progressively hard ahead by these days, especially where cars are concerned. Setting up an alarm system is an excellent method to hinder a person from attempting to unlawfully enter or run your car.

Protect Your Audi From Getting Damaged

You are most likely pleased as strike driving your Audi down the road, creating all heads to transform and admire. The concern is would certainly you be simply as proud if it was covered with birds’ filth, and also the colour faded? Probably not, so to stop this from occurring to you, you will certainly want to obtain a cars and truck cover.

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