2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid First Impressions; Can Lower Octane Fuel Damage Your Car? | Talking Cars #259

This week at the track we have the 2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid, we share our first impressions and discuss whether or not hybridizing the CR-V improved the model. Also we dip into the mailbag and answer audience questions about why Subarus are so popular with car reviewers and enthusiasts, whether filling up your car with lower octane fuel than recommended by the manufacturer could damage your vehicle or void the warranty, and how to make a long road trip as pleasant and comfortable as possible.


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01:25 – 2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid First Impressions

12:44 – Question #1: Why are Subarus so popular among car reviewers and enthusiasts?

19:29 – Question #2: Will putting lower octane fuel than recommended by the manufacturer damage a vehicle or void the warranty?

21:56 – Question #3: Is the new Toyota Venza considered a first year model even though it has been previously sold in Japan as the Harrier?

23:30 – Question #4: What is the best solution for a cross-country road trip in terms of seat comfort?


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Car Window Cleaning 101 – How To Effectively Clean Your Car Windows

A cleansed automobile home window indicates a far better look and also a much less accident risk. You shouldn’t overlook them since they contribute to the security of your family members and also besides that, your vehicle looks really good when it’s entirely clean. Individuals generally ignore window cleaning when cleaning their automobiles as well as many of them don’t also think of cleaning them from inside.

10 Steps for a Better Wash and Car Cleaning

When it pertains to vehicle wash, it’s not tough yet it is essential to do it best and also regularly if you desire your cars and truck to preserve its worth and also appearance. Below are a couple of basic steps to automobile cleansing.

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Auto Detailing Variable Versus Fixed Cost Structure

In the present economic situation, auto sales and also solution quantities are more unpredictable than they have ever before been. In order to enhance these ups as well as downs, auto dealers should concentrate on sales while running as efficiently as possible. Many automobile dealers pick to maintain the detailing/car clean feature in-house.

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One preferred car body kit is the black widow body package. This set has gained in popularity over the years due in large component to it’s stylish and basic layout components. It’ also a very fairly valued body kit and it works with many makes and versions of lorries. The Black Widow Kit includes a front bumper in addition to side skirts, an ‘intake’ port, a two port exhaust rear bumper. This kit also goes by the name Spyder body kit as well as the BW style.

Audi TT Body Kits – Cool And Sexy

I love Audi’s, I assume they are the most effective high-end cars on the roadway. I, and also my household, have actually had Jags, BMW’s and also Mercedes, however I assume my Audi is the absolute fantastic. If you really feel similarly concerning your TT however you still intend to ‘spruce it up’ a little bit you have a load of choices when it involves picking Audi TT body sets.

CRX Body Kits Improve Aerodynamics And Looks

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Hyundai Tiburon Body Kits – Uniquely Yours

For anyone who isn’t certain what a body kit is, it is merely after market components that can be added to the outside of your cars and truck to improve it’s appearance and performance. For many makes as well as models of autos there are several producers as well as various composite products that compose the parts. You can get whole kits, or just a few pieces here and also there. You can include components to the exterior, the indoor or both. If you are searching for Hyundai Tiburon body sets, you’ll have numerous options when looking online.

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