2020 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid; EV Pickup Trucks; Volkswagen ID.4 | Talking Cars #274

We recently purchased a 2020 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid for our test program, and our experts discuss how it compares to the regular Sonata, as well as competitors like the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord hybrids. Ford has announced an EV F-150 pickup, and we talk about whether truck buyers are ready to embrace electric trucks like the Rivian R1T and Tesla Cybertruck, and if they can meet towing needs. Volkswagen and Electrify America announced an agreement providing unlimited charging for owners of the all-new 2021 ID.4 electric SUV. We touch on a new line of electric vehicles from Hyundai called i-oniq: the i-oniq 5 crossover, i-oniq 6 sedan, and the i-oniq 7 SUV. We also answer questions about prepping a Miata (or any car) for track days, and why it might be difficult to pre-order a new Kia K5 GT to your exact specifications.


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00:00 – Introduction
00:32 – 2021 Ford F-150 Electric
05:51 – Electrify America and Volkswagen Free Charging Agreement for ID.4
07:52 – Hyundai’s New I-oniq Line of Electric Vehicles
08:45 – 2020 Hyundai Santa Hybrid First Impressions
15:49 – Question #1: How to prepare a Mazda Miata (or any other car) for track day?
20:45 – Question #2: What could the strange noise and tire rubbing sensation when turning be in a AWD vehicle?
22:46 – Question #3: Why it might be difficult to pre-order a new Kia K5 GT to your exact specs?
25:04 – Question #4: What is a suitable replacement for a 2004 Toyota Prius with 260 miles?


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Steps to Clean Your Own Car Trucks!

Cleaning of truck is not a tough task when you exactly know what needs to be done to obtaining all your parts cleaned up in an appropriate way. It is crucial to clean your vehicles to best regarding get rid of the dust as well as tarnish in order to improve the life of your vehicles. In spite of the significant differences between different kinds of automobiles such as automobiles and also trucks, you require to cleanse them in a correct as well as detailed manner.

Automobile Styling Delivered by the Experts

Vehicle changing can seriously enhance the design of your ride. Right here, we discover the several opportunities.

Mercedes Alloy Wheels

When it involves the production of alloy wheels, Mercedes is incomparable. Mercedes alloy wheels are crafted with care as well as virtuosity, one can not assist but appreciate them on the road as a lot as the show area. The fluid yet strong lines stimulate a sense of strength as well as refined instead of the normal tacky vibe one gets with low-cost alloys. Mercedes alloy wheels are loyal to the design principles of the mommy company.

Mud Tires for Sticky Situations

Have you ever gotten your SUV or off-road vehicle stuck on a mud pit? It takes a great quantity of initiative to leave these actually sticky circumstances. Mud tires are one of the simple solutions to a typical issue run into by a great deal of individuals.

Have a Tricked Out Car Without Spending Much on Cheap Rims

Whether you are a person or a lady, your automobile will be among your most valued properties. You treasure it, you spoil it, and you provide it so much care and interest than you would certainly provide to your residence. You install upgrades: a brand-new sound system, new furniture, efficiency engine parts, as well as to cover everything off, a mean coating of wax to give it that sustaining sparkle. Nevertheless, a deceived out flight is not total without slapping on some edges, which will most likely cost you more than what you invested in the stereo alone

Winter Is Rust’s Best Friend

As quickly as the snow flies many individuals believe that it’s time to stop washing their auto and simply grit their teeth as well as birth it. Sadly, your cars and truck thinks various. Do your automobile a favor: provide it a laundry every now and then, even if it’s chilly as well as miserable exterior. Simply like cleaning your hair keeps mold and mildew from growing behind your ears, washing your car helps stop the development of corrosion.

Important Radar Detector Facts for Western Australia Drivers

Radar Detectors are illegal in all states except Western Australia, which brings the concern will they come to be prohibited soon? It’s the one point left that chauffeurs have which is boosting the safety and security on our roadways, not advertising careless driving. It might seem like a wild case, yet read on please, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Up until fact enters into the photo.

Making The Unique Choice For Car Covers

There are several automobile covers, on the marketplace. Which automobile cover matches you and also your cars and truck best will largely depend upon where you maintain your automobile and also where you live. Also if your auto is kept indoors, you will certainly wish to cover your auto to avoid it from obtaining excessively dusty, and knocked around.

Preventing Brake Dust On Your Custom Wheels

Absolutely nothing will wreck a set of customized wheels quicker then brake dirt brief of striking an aesthetic. Here we will review some step to assist in saving your wheels from being messed up.

Autoglym High Tech Wheel Brush

Made to manage the hardest of wheel cleaning tasks, the Autoglym High-Tech Wheel Brush is secure to use on clear coated, painted and also plastic trimmed wheels. It has no steel parts and so will not cause any type of damage as well as is completely chemical resistant, so can be made use of combined with solid chemical cleaners without needing to fret regarding it derogatory. It features a tapered bristle head which stops the brush from opening up and also distorting in time as well as also allows you to easily access awkward locations as well as limited design information.

Customized Double Cab Bakkies

I have actually obtained the good fortune of being hitched to an automobile fanatic that usually suches as to go head-to-head with other vehicle drivers of dual cab bakkies on a specifically styled outdoor experience path. I favor to remain at residence when he puts his bakkie with its rates on the track because the trail is rutted as well as uneven and also I dislike all the mud and also mud that is spun up, based on the primary weather problems.

Car Restoration Is Best Left to the Experts

Auto remediation is a difficult yet gratifying process. Employing expert conservators can make certain that the task is done effectively as well as efficiently.

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