2020 Subaru Outback; Consumer Reports’ Reliability Survey Results | Talking Cars #229

We’ve completed our testing on the 2020 Subaru Outback, and share the results of this popular crossover. Every year, hundreds of thousands of CR’s members take part in our annual reliability survey, answering questions about how well the vehicles they drive every day are holding up, or if they are experiencing issues. We discuss our survey methods, and give advice on making a wise car buying decision. Also, we answer audience questions about why the Toyota Hilux is not available in North America, why some manufacturers seem to have chronic issues with reliability despite using modern production lines, and we recommend a manual commuter car with a balance of driving fun and creature comforts.


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01:10 – Consumer Reports’ Reliability Survey Results

06:21 – 2020 Subaru Outback Test Results

12:34 – Question #1: why some manufacturers seem to have chronic issues with reliability despite using modern production lines?

16:28 – Question #2: why the Toyota Hilux is not available in North America?

18:50 – Question #3: What is a good manual commuter car with a balance of driving fun and creature comforts?


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Reduce Gas Mileage With Body Kits

Automobile enthusiasts would certainly like their car to be unique. For this, it is possible to modify it for looks, rate as well as audio. The very same guideline is relevant for new hybrid market, which has actually seen the access of some body packages made for crossbreeds such as Toyota Prius as well as Honda Civic.

What is a Body Kit?

Lots of car proprietors want their vehicle to attract attention from others. Right here body kits do play a crucial duty. If you have never become aware of body kits previously, below is a low down on them before you head out and acquire one.

Personalize Your Car With a Body Kit

Today numerous individuals are wanting to customize their automobile as well as using a body kit is the most effective approach to do so. However, for this, you need to think about various things. These include the kind you desire, top quality and also materials utilized in creating the kit.

Various Body Kit Brands

While going shopping around for a body kit, keep in mind there are several brands and makers in the marketplace. So exactly how can you select the finest brand name of body kit? For that, you have to consider several elements like the kind of package, its cost as well as products used in making the set.

Cheap Body Kits – Buying Online

There is a large variety of body sets readily available today. Some are superb while others are poor. Some low-cost body sets actually spoil the appearance of a beautiful auto.

The Difference Between Polishing and Waxing Your Car

A whole lot of people use the term sprucing up as well as waxing interchangeably. Products on racks contribute to the confusion by additionally identifying their products ambiguously. This short article dives right into what the difference is in between brightening and also waxing to aid you better secure your auto’s surface.

Cleaning Your Car Inside and Out

No one truly likes cleansing. Okay, some people do, yet the majority of us do not! Whether it’s your car, your home or your clothes, cleansing just isn’t enjoyable. However when it comes to your automobile, you should provide it a little more treatment when you clean it.

Four Must-Have Car Accessories

New cars and trucks roll out of the showroom without vital accessories. Floor floor coverings, auto cover, freight linings, and also dirt shields are the top four must-have devices you require to consider before you acquire a new auto and also this post will certainly supply some ideas on just how you can acquire them at a reasonable price.

Auto Repair and Care Experts Present – How Can You Clean Your Car During the Winter?

Well, there is absolutely nothing more amazing than to see your next-door neighbor friend going eco-friendly at the view of your new auto. Oh, just visualize exactly how your baby on 4 wheels would blink and also wink at the stunned passer-by in the hood.

Car Mats Keep Your Car’s Interior Neat and Clean!

An automobile is an important ownership. As much as feasible, you desire your auto to be cool as well as clean-inside and also out. One method to keep your auto’s indoor tidy without investing much is by fitting it with car mats.

Auto Repainting – Restore the Luster to Dependable Older Cars

The economic situation is experiencing and you can’t pay for a brand-new automobile. If your cars and truck is trustworthy for transportation, you have a different to purchasing one more trip. No person wishes to be seen in an automobile that has a plain paint work, so paint it as well as take pride in just exactly how thrifty you have come to be.

Accessories Can Make Your Car Stand Out!

A vehicle is just one of the most valuable ownerships an individual can have. As such, any type of responsible car owner would aspire to improve his cars and truck’s efficiency and look. This post has to do with automobile accessories that can improve a vehicle’s picture and also performance.

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