2020 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport Test Results; New Vehicle Announcements | Talking Cars #272

We wrapped up testing on our 2020 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport and share the results. Jeep has resurrected an iconic name plate with its newly unveiled Wagoneer, we talk about the nostalgia associated with this large SUV and go through the specs.  Also Mercedes-Benz has redesigned its flagship S-Class sedan for 2021, and we discuss some of the new technology that the luxury sedan will feature.  And we tackle a few audience questions about electric vehicles including one about how EVs’ high performance affects tire wear.


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00:00 – Introduction
01:39 – Jeep unveils the 2021 Wagoneer
06:25 – 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class
9:35 – 2020 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport Test Results
13:57 – Question #1: Is the Mini Cooper SE a viable electric vehicle?
17:04 – Question #2: Is it a good idea to import the Hyundai Ioniq Electric to Iowa from a different state?
20:14 – Question #3: Do high performance vehicles have a shorter tire life than regular gas powered cars?


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Most Popular Must Have Car Accessories

A few days ago, I came throughout a list of must-have auto devices, so I took a peek. 4 out of the leading 5 things were associated with devices involving mobile sound. The majority of brand-new autos (and also pick-ups, for that issue) currently have those multi-speaker, multi-input stereo mounted so one wonders why there would be a frequency of those accessories covering the list. In the initial location, they’re not devices anymore due to the fact that they are now basic equipment in automobiles.

Protection of the Inside of A Motor Vehicle

The within a vehicle or truck can look messy and also untidy really quick. Fortunately is that when you’ve obtained a couple of crucial things, it is feasible to preserve your lorry looking brand-new quickly whatsoever.

Car Covers – What Size To Buy?

When wanting to cars and truck covers, whether for wholesale, or private objectives, a large thing to consider is the size. Usually speaking, cars and truck covers been available in 3 dimensions; global, semi personalized and personalized. Although the difference in defense is not established by the dimension, yet instead the textile of the real cover, it will make a distinction in the degree of defense.

Underglow Kits – What To Look With Under Car Light Kits

If you wish to include an awesome perspective to your car, underglows packages which styles up your vehicle by illuminating your undercarriage making use of LED light. This style is preferred around as people attempt to display to peers. Before you get one however, you need to see out for some points. In this post, we use a couple of vital ideas to take note of if you wish to seek premium quality underglow sets that are brilliant and also long-lasting.

Is Investing In A Custom Car Cover A Smart Idea?

It is hard to invest cash on things you might take into consideration a luxury in today’s economic situation. To some degree, it holds true that every additional dime needs to be hoarded as well as conserved for a wet day. It can be a smart transfer to do precisely the opposite in an additional way entirely though.

Auto Detailing to Boat Detailing – Getting Set Up in the Boat Cleaning Business Considered

For those who already run a mobile automobile detailing service, mobile cars and truck clean, or probably some sort of mobile cleaning company, it makes good sense to start out with whatever you currently have as well as are utilized to utilizing. For example, if you have your business established in a van, pick-up truck, or on a trailer, after that you can make use of that. One should recognize nevertheless that buying additional high stress hose can get expensive, and also it’s not always possible to park near the dock and also run the tubes out.

Boat Detailing and the Ultra Clean De-Ionized Water Option Considered

Having the appropriate tools can make all the difference in the boat cleansing organization. Having old equipment, 2nd hand equipment, or tools which do not always work can actually bring down the team, and also reduce down the job circulation to the point that it’s no longer fun as well as you are not making any kind of money. Maybe, I ought to talk about some strategies and also devices choices to increase productivity, and also make your work easy and also easy.

The Many Benefits of HID Kits

Do you often discover the special lights of numerous sporting activities cars and trucks nowadays and wondered what they are? These bright lights on most sports automobiles and also deluxe sedans nowadays are called HID lights. Also understood as high intensity discharge, these lights have numerous benefits, but are primarily recognized for their illumination, efficient intake as well as great looks.

The Many Benefits of HID Lights

Many people, when they buy an auto, consider accenting their vehicle with several attributes such as a good music gamer, speakers, alloy wheels, body kits, glass tints and also various other accessories which enhance the visual appeals of an automobile. Nonetheless, many people don’t think of safety when replacing the supply parts with various other components or adding accessories to their automobile. One crucial safety and security function on an auto are the headlamps.

Static Cling Decals

Fixed stick stickers are generally as well as essentially constructed from fixed cling decal paper which allows it to cling onto surface areas without the usage of any type of a sticky product. Also referred to as window clings or car clings, the fixed stick stickers stay with surface areas based upon the science of fixed therefore making their rearrange simpler. Such decals are non irreversible sticker labels which offer individuals a good option of revealing off their character on their vehicles by utilizing sticker labels of their own selection.

Importance of After-Sales Service in Imported Cars Segment

It is constantly an imagine people around the globe to own imported cars like BMW and also Mercedes-Benz designs, due to the fact that they are amongst the ideal in the company. The imported vehicle market has actually been prospering since they offer the most effective convenience as well as performance while driving. They are also safer as well as durable on all type of roadways as well as terrains.

Just How Safe Are Britax Car Seats?

If you intend to ensure your youngster’s security 24/7, you require to include an excellent quality cars and truck seat to your youngster’s list of fundamentals. Whether you’re youngster is still an infant or currently going via toddlerhood, a vehicle seat is simply among those things that you must be ready to purchase.

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