2021 Chevrolet Suburban First Impressions; Subscription Fees for Auto Safety? | Talking Cars #280

The 2021 Chevy Suburban is one of the latest additions to our testing fleet, and we give our first impressions on what it’s like to drive this big SUV, both on the open road, as well as in urban environments. The subscription model is common with many services these days, yet is still fairly uncommon in the automotive world. However, recent announcements by Tesla and GM may change this, and could introduce the concept of charging a monthly fee for access to important safety features. We talk about how these programs will work, and why they might not be in the best interest of consumers. We also discuss the long-term reliability of turbos and direct-injection vehicles, the best way to store your winter or summer tires, and if a dealership might allow you to learn to drive a manual transmission with one of their vehicles (spoiler alert: probably not.)


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00:00 – Introduction
00:29 – Monthly Subscription Fees for Vehicle Safety Features
05:53 – 2021 Chevrolet Suburban First Impressions
13:36 – Question #1: Are turbocharged engines less reliable than non-turbos?
16:35 – Question #2: Which Toyota vehicle would have the best resale value?
19:41 – Question #3: What is the best practice for storing a set of tires?
22:24 – Question #4: Would a car dealer allow an inexperienced operator test drive a manual transmission vehicle?


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Do You Need New Tires?

The tires on our automobiles are one thing that commonly obtains neglected. Individuals are usually driving around on dangerous tires and also do not even know it. Do you recognize what the deepness of your tire tread is?

Are You Shopping for Tires?

If you are shopping for tires you may feel a bit lost. There are a lot of different options for your new tires that it can get completely frustrating. Some tires are softer while some tires have weird treads in them.

Did You Know That You Could Get New Tires at Home?

Lots of individuals are well aware that you can get tires on the internet as well as have them supplied to your home. Naturally if you did this you would certainly still have to have them set up onto your rims and after that onto your vehicle. This can be rather costly if you did not acquire the tires from the shop that you are having them installed at.

Is Your Schedule Keeping You From Buying New Tires?

Lots of individuals are essentially melting the candle light at both ends these days. You might barely have sufficient time to rest and also eat in the day without fretting about every one of the buying that you need to do. These days you can also get grocery stores as well as other supplies straight to your house so that you do not need to fret about not having time for the shopping part.

Deciphering Racing Seats Dimensions

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Making the Right Choices About Fog Lights

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BMW Parts – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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Tips for Winter Driving

Understanding how to drive under icy as well as snowy problems is tough for numerous vehicle drivers as they very seldom run into these wintery problems. However this winter season have already seen 2 long periods of snow cover in the whole country as well as what is to say there will not be extra?

Find Your Dream Car

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Car Dealerships

When seeking to get an auto, it is essential to make certain that the dealership is affordable, credible and sincere in his transactions. Given that there are numerous vehicle versions as well as brands in the market, a prospective purchaser should be in a placement to recognize what sort of design to go with as well as factors for the choice. A car’s performance is what matters most when contrasted to appearance and also other features.

Is Heat An Issue For Your Rat Rod?

You have actually ultimately made it to the better weather and on those warm days, you discover that your Rat Rod is running much warmer than you would certainly such as. The initial thing you need to establish is if everything is working effectively. Go with the obvious initial.

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So you wish to paint or repair your automobile however do not understand where to start? Well, you’ve involved the ideal place. Let me introduce you to the globe of paint your own car and also hand down some valuable professional suggestions.

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