2021 Chevrolet Tahoe First Impressions; Tesla Full Self-Driving Review | Talking Cars #273

This week we share our first impressions of the 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe SUV, how it measures up to competitors like the Kia Telluride and Hyundai Palisade, and whether it is suited for towing and hauling a lot of cargo and people. CR has completed its review of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Capability package in our Model 3 and Model Y; we share what we found, and how CR is adapting testing at the Auto Test track to evaluate autonomous driving features now and in the future. We also answer questions about the proper way to break-in a new vehicle, what is covered under Volkswagen’s PZEV (Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle) warranty, and why a car’s air conditioner can develop a musty smell, and how to make the AC fresh once again!


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00:00 – Introduction
00:30 – Tesla Full Self-Driving Capability Package Review
08:47 – 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe First Impressions
16:37 – Question #1: How to properly break-in a new vehicle?
20:02 – Question #2: What is covered under Volkswagen’s PZEV warranty?
22:41 – Question #3: What is the best way to get rid of a musty smell from a car’s AC?


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