2021 Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid Test Results; 2022 Toyota Tundra Preview | Talking Cars #326

This week we share our test results of the 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid, discuss the performance of its hybrid powertrain versus the regular gas engine, and how it compares to class leaders like the Toyota Highlander Hybrid. We also talk about the all-new for 2022 Toyota Tundra, including its highly anticipated hybrid power plant, aggressive styling, and what improvements we anticipate to arrive with the new redesign. Other topics include: which tires are best suited for improving fuel economy on EVs and hybrids; whether using the LATCH system or a seat belt is better when installing a child seat; how long can oil last in the trunk of a car before expiring; and our team shares the funny, weird, and wild stories of getting their drivers’ licenses. 

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00:00 – Introduction
00:29 – Child Seat Safety
03:04 – 2022 Toyota Tundra Preview
08:29 – 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe Test Results
13:56 – Driver’s License Test Memories
22:39 – Question #1: Which tires are best suited for improving fuel economy on EVs and hybrids?
26:13 – Question #2: Is it safer to use LATCH system or a seat belt when installing child seat?
29:17 – Question #3: How does CR choose which cars to put through the Rock Hill test?
31:51 – Question #4: How long can motor oil last in the trunk of a car before expiring?

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The ATVA 2007 Extreme Dirt Track Nationals Schedule is Out

According to the ATVA (ATV Association), the brand-new timetable for the 2007 Extreme Dirt Track ATVA Nationals has been set! So, all ATV flip out there, pay attention up. it’s time to note the dates down on your schedule if you desire to either try out or applaud the competitors on. The 2007 season will start with Twin Creeks on June 9, 2007. Twin Creeks lies in Greenbrier Arkansas

Richie “Superman” Brown Conquers Baja on his ATV

Numerous have conquered Baja before however none have actually experienced the entire nine backyards (one thousand miles) on an ATV. Even for an expert ATV cyclist like Richie “Superman” Brown, it wasn’t a walk in the park … For any individual else, 1,000 miles would feel like such a difficult accomplishment. That’s Baja for you. it’s real that several have actually completed the Baja task on many various kinds of vehicles including the buggies, bikes and also trucks of various designs, makes as well as types, nobody have ever before finished the Baja accomplishment on an ATV.

Two Stroke Induction

Learn more about the various kinds of air intakes for two stroke engines. A break down of exactly how different consumption inductions benefits as well as downsides. Additionally performance tips to boost horse power.

How to Find Cheap ATV on the Internet

The Internet is the most convenient platform for acquisition of economical ATVs today … in truth, it benefits acquisition of simply concerning anything! What with the capability to search the internet with online shops for cheap ATVs, contrast costs so that you recognize you’re obtaining it as affordable as they say it is and afterwards completing the purchasing procedure totally online. And also when you’re done, you can kick back knowing that the ATV that you simply purchased is inexpensive yet quality ATV. There are some things that you ought to keep in mind when acquiring inexpensive ATVs online.

Excellent Customer Support Makes All the Difference in the World for ATV Users

There’s really more to purchasing ATV that simply the rate … although a fairly priced ATV will definitely make you feel all that much happier regarding your purchase but from experience, we can tell you one thing’s for certain– the better the customer care, the more satisfied you will be in the future. For example, if you acquired a an ATV from an on-line ATV dealership and when you get it, it functions penalty for every one of one week. As well as the you find that something’s incorrect with it– what happens currently? that do you transform to since you’ve uncovered that your new ATV isn’t ideal?

Much Ado about Chinese ATVs and ATV parts

Everyone understands just how much a leading line Honda or Yamaha ATV, also an Artic Cat, a Bombardier or a Polaris costs, as well as to be very straightforward, not everyone has the type of cash to possess one. Yet, you still have that excellent desire to ride, as well as you just go on searching for the following ideal deal, yet would certainly you consider purchasing a China made ATV?

Are China ATV Parts Reliable?

Regarding rate is worried, we all recognize that China-made ATV components are far cheaper than other brands of ATV parts readily available in the market today. It utilized to be a truth that when we endanger on the price of the ATV component, we have to manage inadequate craftsmanship from these China-made ATV parts. In the past, there were lots of issues concerning the top quality of these ATV parts however not so today. Actually, it’s reasonable to say that China is pressing other ATV part makers work out of the way due to their competitively valued ATV components.

Ride Your ATV at Gunnison National Forest in Pitkin, Colorado

There are really couple of ATV tracks or tracks that can elicit the sort of fulfillment and also feeling of pleasure the way Gunnison National park can– not when you’re there to ride an ATV. As well as honestly, we get a great deal of inquiries concerning where to ride out ATVs in Colorado at all times however the unusual thing is that there’s space to ride ATV everywhere. I indicate, allow’s admit it, Colorado is HUGE and there’s land to ride ATV practically anywhere. But to discover a good place, we ‘d need to admit, can be a little complicated. ‘Land anywhere’ may not be good sufficient for seasons ATV bikers.

Take Your Kazuma ATV for Winter Racing this Winter

While winter months ATV racing is not a brand-new thing with professionals and also ATV fanatics, many individuals avoid riding their ATVs throughout winter season time since they fear that they are not competent enough to manage their ATVs. It is one point to ride ATV on rough tracks yet it’s quite another thing to ride their ATVs on unsafe snow. A various set of skills is needed to ride ATVs in the winter months.

Enhance Your ATV Riding Skill This Winter

Although many ATV followers wouldn’t mind building via the winter months chills simply to ride their ATVs outside, there are a few other that would certainly rather huddle beside a fire place, warm cacao in hand while imagining riding their ATVs outside … in the summertime. First off, we motivate those who are not also keen on riding ATV in wintertime to try it out momentarily and quit it only if you are certain wintertime ATV riding is not the important things for you. well, as opposed to sitting there wishing, wanting as well as dreaming about ATV riding, below’s another thing you can do to maintain your interest for ATV riding active … Off Roadway Fierceness 4, that is.

Cheap ATVs Can Outlast Branded ATVs

So you’re searching for low-cost ATV that completely rocks yet won’t break your budget plan? Well, aren’t most of us? There’s a misunderstanding that we can not always locate inexpensive ATVs without needing to prepare for breakdown during very early components of use. There’s a difference in between obtaining an economical ATV made from reduced quality materials and buying an affordable ATV that is made from reasonably-priced products. The outcome is totally different. The last ATV, while made from cheap materials …

Easy to Find ATV Parts

If there’s something we have to recognize about several of the leading ATV suppliers worldwide is that they create some of the globe’s finest ATV parts we know. Despite being a little concerned concerning some ATV parts manufacturers when they initially permeated the market, they have actually now established themselves as generating several of the very best ATVs as well as ATV components in the world. Some of them have come a lengthy means. Now, if there is something we assume and also understand is a vital part of the decision-making process, it is in recognizing that the ATV components are offered whenever and however you want it. Nothing is worse than having an ATV …

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