2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee First Impressions; 2023 Nissan Z Preview | Talking Cars #322

We share our first impressions of the 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L, discussing its performance on our track, and how it stacks up to competitors like the Toyota Highlander, Kia Telluride, and Honda Pilot. We preview the newly announced 2023 Nissan Z, including its highly anticipated 3.0L Twin Turbo V6 engine. Chevrolet has expanded its battery recall on the Bolt EV and EUV models, and what owners should do to stay safe until a fix is available. We also share audience feedback on their “Forever” car choices; whether the rapid speed of improvements will leave current electric vehicle shoppers with outdated battery technology; if that “new car smell” is toxic (and how to get rid of it if it’s not for you); the safest way to change wheel sizes on a car; and which Toyota RAV4 is the best choice for a driving enthusiast.

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00:00 – Introduction

00:29 – Audience choice for the “Forever” car

06:03 – GM’s battery recall for Chevrolet Bolt EV and Bolt EUV

07:37 – 2023 Nissan Z Preview

13:45 – 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L First Impressions

26:33 – Question #1: Will rapid speed of improvements leave current electric vehicle shoppers with outdated battery technology?

29:40 – Question #2: Can the “new car smell” be toxic, and how to get rid of it?

32:13 – Question #3: What is the safest way to change wheel sizes on a car?

37:04 – Question #4: Which Toyota RAV4 is the best choice for a driving enthusiast?


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ATV Tire Trivia

The majority of us would not hesitate to utilize second-hand stuff just to save us a little of cash occasionally – as well as don’t get me incorrect, it’s completely great! I make use of made use of stuff too -including my ATV. Yet there are points that become hazardous if there’s wear as well as tear on it -points like ATV tires. Rubber is highly prone to wear as well as tear, therefore, it’s not totally risk-free to make use of pre-owned ATV tires – well, if you can prevent it, please do.

Getting ATV Parts is Just Part of the Problem

There are several reasons why you ought to consider acquiring a well-known ATV as opposed to an ATV that is of a less-known brand name. Among the most crucial reasons is this – the comfort of locating an ATV component when you require it. What happens when your ATV breaks down as well as you bring it to the dealership only to have the supplier tell you that the ATV component that you’re seeking is not offered in your area but they would certainly require to order it from -claim Japan or China individually.

Size Says a Lot – Here’s Why You Should Always Get Kid ATV for Your Kids

For the identical factor we never allow our youngsters drive a car (aside from it being prohibited), we shouldn’t place a youngster on an adult-sized ATV. It’s harmful as well as we understand that they are not with the ability of managing the size and also rate of an equipment that dimension. That is specifically why getting an ATV produced youngsters makes feeling. It makes ideal feeling to purchase a kid-friendly ATV since we desire our kids to have enjoyable and be safe at the very same time. If anything unfortunate were to happen while your child is operating an adult-sized ATV, the weight of the ATV will certainly squash a youngster.

Much Ado About ATV Apparel

I have actually got to say that the entertainment market (Check out: Hollywood) and also the history of ATV does not do us ATV enthusiasts any great whatsoever! Actually, it provides us, ATV motorcyclists a negative, negative, BAD name. Step apart, Michael Jackson – you don’t require black natural leather apparel to look “Bad”. Instead, you require an ATV. The reason that I am writing this short article about how dreadful individuals actually check out ATV motorcyclists is this – people take a look at ATV “people” differently relying on how they’re dressed.

The Suzuki ATV Come Out on Top!

Suzuki ATV fans are constantly in for a genuine reward whenever Suzuki releases a brand-new enhancement to their already considerable line of ATVs. Suzuki, as for we are worried, is the type of ATV producer that concentrates their styles on the needs of the consumer TODAY … not yesterday, not in the future. As well as this does Suzuki a whole globe of excellent due to the fact that the business knows precisely what the ATV lovers are seeking.

ATV for Sale – How Best to Find Them

Although ATV is an incredibly preferred sporting activity these days however this does not suggest that you can locate an ATV shop at every edge of every block. While ATV riding is prominent now, it is still at its infancy phase. Individuals are still trying to accept the reality that ATV riding is safe if safety measures are taken– really a lot like sky diving or bungee-jumping, safety preventative measures are the really significance of enjoyment of the video game.

Tread Lightly! What You Should Know About 4 Wheelers

My other half and I live in a recreational location in central Minnesota. Just like many recreation areas throughout the country this indicates many often utilize 4 wheelers around us. We have 4 wheelers ourselves that we use to plow snow from our driveway, haul timber from the wood stack to the house and to take a trip the recreation trails of the area. We likewise utilize our 4 wheelers during the deer open season to obtain back to our deer stands and also to transport the deer out of the timbers. I believe they are a helpful and fun lorry; nevertheless there are many individuals that use their 4 wheelers to damage the natural beauty of our State unwittingly or actively.

Mini ATV as a Present?

Looking for an excellent birthday celebration present to shock your youngsters? Wish to find the ideal Xmas present to give to among your nieces or nephews? Here’s a terrific suggestion – why not search for a Mini ATV? Mini ATV is a smaller variation of what we made use of to call the All-Terrain Automobile. ATVs were first used in farms and areas to help workers in their day-to-day tasks. Today, many individuals ride ATVs for fun and also for entertainment. In fact, it’s so prominent these days that also kids can have a good time by themselves Mini ATVs.

Honda ATV (ATVs)

When it comes to purchasing ATV, there’s nothing more crucial than understanding that the equipment is not only wonderful on the eyes, however it’s also professionally developed and is absolutely secure! This is when brand name and background of the business that develops the ATV enters into the picture. The name Honda is legendary and when you consider a Honda ATV, you know you’re looking at quality and also reliability. Honda initially established and also marketed its initial ATV back in the 70’s as well as it has come a lengthy way since after that.

Polaris ATV

Although not one of the initial to generate and sell ATVs, Polaris today is among the top suppliers of ATVs in the world. Their principle is to always provide premium ATVs to their customers as well as remain to improve their ATV designs in an initiative to satisfy market needs and at the same time make renovations or revamping their existing models. Polaris comprehends that in order to continue to be in the game, they need to know their clients and also this is specifically what makes Polaris ATVs so warm nowadays!

How to Buy the Perfect ATV Helmet?

Well, everything relies on what state in the US that you are living in yet opportunities are, an ATV safety helmet is a demand. Although ATV headgear is called for in most states, you’ll be surprised that numerous individuals don’t recognize how to differentiate in between an excellent helmet and a bad one. actually, consumers think about ‘prices’ as well as ‘brand’ a great indication of how ‘safe’ the ATV safety helmet is.

Youth ATV is Generating lots of Popularity

The appeal of ATV has actually been climbing so astoundingly that many ATV suppliers have actually put significance of creating smaller sized variations of their present versions as well as making brand-new designs to cater for a brand-new ATV market we consider the Youth ATV market.

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