2022 Genesis GV70 First Impressions; OEM Brakes vs. Aftermarket | Talking Cars #318

On this episode we share our driving impressions of the 2022 Genesis GV70, and how it compares to its larger sibling the GV80, as well as others in the small luxury SUV segment. We also share a story about how a question from a Talking Cars viewer led to a change in the IIHS’ ratings for the Mazda CX-5. Other topics include: how you can save money when getting brakes replaced at a dealership; if driving a car in Sport mode will wear out an engine faster; whether vehicle undercoating is worth the investment; and our experts suggest reliable, fun used 4×4 SUVs under 10k that are great for tackling rutted dirt roads.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:31 – IIHS Ratings Adjustment on Mazda CX-5 Active Safety Systems
02:45 – Future SUV Classic Follow-up
08:05 – 2022 Genesis GV70 First Impressions
20:47 – Question #1: Should vehicle brakes be only serviced at the dealer?
26:30 – Question #2: Will driving in sport mode wear out the car’s engine prematurely?
27:23 – Question #3: Are vehicle undercoatings worth the investment or a waste of money?
31:05 – Question #4: What reliable, fun used 4×4 SUV under 10K is best suited for tackling rutted dirt roads?

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