2022 Mitsubishi Outlander Long Term Update after 9,400-Miles

Our 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander long-term soldiers on as we work our way through the peak heat of a Mid-Atlantic summer.

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We’ve commented many times on how much nicer this Outlander’s roomy interior is, but probably haven’t given proper due to its functionality. Not only are there actual knobs for controlling the radio, which we always appreciate, but they have a good tactile feel, as does everything else you come in contact with inside. There’s also plenty of space for cargo, especially with the rear seats folded.

Plus, the ride is as comforting and smooth as yacht rock; yet its highly capable Mitsubishi Billy Goat attitude still manages to come across, despite sharing the Nissan Rogue’s platform.

We are right in the thick of road trip season and this Outlander has proven itself a worthy travel companion. It’s a smooth operator on the highway and even though the visibility’s great, its driving aids, like blind spot monitoring, are very much appreciated. And so is the solid fuel economy on the highway.

After 6–months of smooth sailing, we’re 9,400 miles into our test, with the four-cylinder engine taking our fuel economy away to where we’ve always heard it could be at 28.7 MPG.

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