2022 Nissan Frontier & 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz First Impressions | Talking Cars #320

This week we share our first impressions of the 2022 Nissan Frontier and 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz, and discuss which consumers each might appeal to. We talk about how Consumer Reports testing methods are evolving as electric vehicles become more prominent; if spare tires expire, and when you might want to consider a replacement; if “skateboard-style” EVs weight distribution improves its traction performance; and if the Toyota Prius’ shifter design shortcomings are overlooked in CR’s ratings.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:29 – New York Auto Show Cancelled
02:28 – Audience Picks for “Guilty Pleasure Vehicles”
08:27 – 2022 Nissan Frontier First Impressions
18:04 – 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz First Impressions
27:45 – Question #1: When should you replace a spare tire?
28:58 – Question #2: How will CR’s testing methods change when electric vehicles become more prominent?
30:28 – Question #3: Does the even battery weight distribution on a “skateboard-style” EV improve its traction performance?
31:26 – Question #4: Does the Prius’ efficiency and reliability wash out its unique shifter design shortcomings?
34:16 – Question #5: How to choose a car with optimal seat comfort?

First Drive: The 2022 Nissan Frontier Is More Than Just a New Look

First Drive: 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz Pickup Proves Ready for Pint-Sized Adventures

Electric Cars 101: The Answers to All Your EV Questions

When It Comes to Gear Selectors, Drivers Prefer the Simplicity of Old-School Shifters

When to Replace Your Tires

Low-Profile Tires vs. Potholes

2016 Toyota Prius Quick Drive

Guide to Car Safety
How to Safely Work on Your Car at Home

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Giving Thanks on an ATV

Well thanksgiving is a time to appreciate and what far better way to thank your hardcore self than to get on a brand name new ATV and leave the family members in the dirt. Certainly, who needs the loved ones and all their psycho-babble when you can ditch those no great genetically inferior typical forefathers. Look here is the deal give me some turkey sandwiches later on as well as conserve me some meat. The remainder you can consume.

Great Pumpkin ATV; The Kawasaki and the World’s Fastest Pumpkin

Every year individuals like to go commemorate the Halloween Season. Some individuals like to dress up and also go to outfit events or go tricker treating with kids or perhaps simply go obtain some Wal-Mart Candy and rest and view all the most recent fads in children costumes concern them to see what remains in style. However, for me I such as to ride like a bat-out-of-hell as well as if you are seeking the Worlds Fastest Pumpkin then Kawasaki has it.

What’s The Difference Between Kids ATV and Adult ATVs

One of the most evident distinction in between a youngsters ATV and also an adult ATV is the size, of training course. This is to make sure that children can ride their ATVs comfortably without extending their backs over an adult ATV and also their feet can actually touch the ground. Allowing a kid or pre-teen trip a grown-up ATV is dangerous and also you, as a parent, ought to caution the youngsters about riding an adult ATV without supervision or without your approval.

Why Junior Riders Should Use A 50cc ATV

50cc ATVs are excellent for junior riders as well as children from age four up to the age 9 since 50cc ATVs are generally smaller sized and also quieter. As a matter of fact, modern-day 50cc ATVs are usually made to grow with your kid. As your youngster expands bigger as well as much more experienced at managing their ATVs, you can include more features to the equipment or also customize it thoroughly to fit the needs and demands of the child.

How To Find Affordable ATVs

Just how to buy cheap ATV – the excellent question with a flawlessly tough solution. Every person’s looking for a low-cost ATV that will not damage down every other week as well as admittedly, locating one that is both cheap AND trusted is going to be rather harsh. However there’s a secret to locating it – well, not such a secret-secret that no one understands how to discover inexpensive ATVs besides us but there are manner ins which the basic customer may not understand or is not inclined to attempt.

Why we think Kazuma ATV Rocks!

Alright, any person worth his ATV should recognize that Kazuma creates an entire line of prominent ATVs and it’s offering like insane almost everywhere on the planet. Many thought it was simply as a result of the luring as well as interesting design of the Kazuma ATV … however after testing and trying one of the Kazuma ATV for ourselves, we have actually decided that … yes, they are worthy of to be at the top.

ATV: Safety Points to Remember

A write-up which gives you information to ensure that if you utilize an ATV it is utilized properly and also securely.

How to Care for Your 50cc ATV

The ATV is only as reputable as its proprietor. Like various other forms of automobiles or ways of transport, a 50cc ATV requires consistent maintenance as well as upkeep. The much better the treatment, the a lot more dependable your 50cc ATV will be; the much more fun you will have riding it as well as the even more trust you will have in it.

How to Choose the Right Exhaust for Your Kids’ ATV

Constantly anticipate to have damage on your Kid’s ATV– as well as that’s because kids don’t actually know how to preserve their own ATVs if you do not do it for them. As well as with work as well as, probably, home chores, that ‘d have the time to constantly assist the youngsters clean up and maintain their ATVs for them. Therefore, deterioration on your children’ ATVs is really typical. sharifcrish. Kazuma has actually come a lengthy way since its modest starts. The firm generates mainly 4 as well as two wheel drives and their emphasis is on ATVs, dirt bikes, snow mobiles, F1 auto racing karts, mobility scooters and garden tractors. Are they wise in limiting their emphasis? We would such as to think it’s a wise proceed Kazuma’s part to focus on certain items rather of creating various ones. As well as their intelligence as well as experience shows since Kazuma ATVs are leading the pack of other ATV suppliers by a mile – as well as more!

Kazuma ATV

One of one of the most difficult to understand component of your ATV is most likely the battery. Some batteries lasts longer than others as well as some just “passes away” as and when it likes (which can be a problem). Nonetheless, if you acquire a branded battery with good warranty period, you should encounter none of these troubles. Maintenance and expertise is really crucial in making best use of the life-span of the ATV battery.

Understanding your ATV Battery

Are your kids asking you to purchase them an ATV so that they can join you whenever you choose among your journeys? Do not understand which Kids ATV to get and also do not know which Kids ATV evaluation is reliable? Safety and security is extremely essential when it concerns Kids ATV and the reviews that you feed on should take care of these issues. Well, below are some Kids ATV reviews that you can certainly count on!

Kids ATV Review

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