2022 Subaru BRZ First Impressions; GM’s New Ultra Cruise | Talking Cars #329

This week, we share our first impressions of the 2022 Subaru BRZ. We discuss the BRZ’s performance and handling capabilities, and how it’s fun-to-drive character rivals sports cars like the Chevrolet Corvette. We also talk about General Motors’ new driver assistance system, Ultra Cruise, which will debut on some 2023 Cadillacs. And, we answer audience questions about CR’s fuel economy score for hybrid vehicles; whether panoramic sunroofs are safe in a rollover crash; and what buying strategies to use when new car inventory is low.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:30 – Preview: GM Ultra Cruise
09:30 – 2022 Subaru BRZ First Impressions
17:17 – Question #1: What buying strategies should you use when new car inventory is low?
21:56 – Question #2: Why is CR’s fuel economy score for hybrid vehicles different from the EPA’s Score?
25:03 – Question #3: Are panoramic sunroofs safe in a rollover crash?

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Let Your Kids Join In The Fun Of ATV Riding

ATV riding is enjoyable. Well, not exactly enjoyable, but exhilarating! For ATV riders, there are virtually no words to describe the emotions that they undergo when they support those wheels and ride them with the timbers or tracks and maneuver their devices to the right as well as to the left, going uphill and also downhill and in some instances, doing dive techniques on their ATVs! It resembles you obtain this sudden rush of exhilaration when you are riding your ATV.

To Buy Or Not To Buy A Chinese ATV, That is The Question

Are you right into ATVs as well as you intend to have one yet the price for one first-rate ATV will leave a large hole in your pocketbook?

Why Pay More For Your ATV When You Can Get it For Less?

With the ever growing of popularity of the Chinese ATVs on the market, it is not unexpected that is able to save countless bucks buying ATVs nowadays. The costs of ATVs made use of to be instead pricey – so a lot to ensure that it feels like just the abundant can manage to get their own ATVs at that time. Now, with Chinese ATVs, or off brand name ATVs, practically any individual that loves the delights and enjoyment of ATV riding can now have their really own ATVs.

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Get ATV Basics Right From Start

My little girl is a conventional young adult with eager rate of interest in sports. Academically, I am never ever as well concerned for her – she does well. Lately, she has actually been blending around with lots of buddies who possesses as well as trips ATVs actively. These young people are not untrustworthy, as far I can tell yet I recognize that it will not be long prior to she begins requesting a young people ATV herself. Not understanding anything concerning ATVs, I started looking around for info on just how to keep youths as well as youngsters safe on ATVs.

Things You Need To Know Before You Buy A Chinese ATV

Things you require to recognize before you buy a Chinese ATV.

ATV Riding – A Growing Family Sport

There is absolutely no question regarding it – ATV riding has actually turned into one of the fastest growing sporting activities in town and also it’s appeal is obtaining great energy yearly. This is the type of entertainment that suits almost anyone in the household – from the children to the teenagers to the moms and dads and also in some cases, even to the grandparents!

My Hovercraft Plan

For some factor I have actually constantly been amazed with hovercraft. I think the concept of floating over nearly any type of surface is actually amazing. I developed a plan to construct my own hovercraft with conveniently offered products as well as basic devices.

If You Have Your Own ATV Club, It’s Time to Join ATVA

It’s common-a couple of good friends obtain with each other every weekend to ride their ATVs, then the kids as well as spouses gets entailed as well as the group grows. You make a couple of buddies while riding ATV and also they come to be regular ATVers also. Quickly, the little ATV group has developed into an ATV club simply due to the reality that you ride together frequently and you all share the exact same passion.

What Do You Know About ATVs?

ATV – All Surface Automobile appears a mouthful when it is being pronounced in its full name, however just how much do you learn about ATVs? You may have checked out tales concerning ATVs in the papers, publications or also online, yet what do you really recognize about them?

Great Outdoor Atv Fun Should Come With Great Respect For It Too

An ATV lover never ever runs out of places to ride – unless the routes that you’ve been to are in a bad form due to the fact that off the “misuse” it’s been placed through by various other ATV bikers, hikers, campers as well as other users that do not have any kind of type of regard for the routes that they remain in.

Teaching Your Kid About Riding An ATV

Your youngster’s very first ATV ride experience may not be as simple as you may assume it is – even with his terrific interest to find out to ride one. A lot of ATV parents aspire to hand down the ATV “tradition” to their youngsters without initial searching for out if their youngsters are interested. Besides just instructing them to ride, there are various other issues that the moms and dads need to tackle first – such as the physical, psychological as well as mental analyses of your youngster.

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