Audi: 360 degree cameras system. Audi A6, A7, A8, Q8 :: [1001cars]

Audi has announced a new 360 degree camera system that will be available on the Audi A6, A7, A8, and Q8. The four 360 degree cameras on the Audi vehicle scan the immediate vicinity and display obstacles within. Drivers can choose to have the system display the view from any of the cameras on the center console display, or they can choose to have the system provide a 360 degree view on the display.

The system uses a variety of sensors to detect obstacles, including radar, ultrasonic sensors, and a camera mounted in the grille. The system can identify objects up to 8 meters away, and can even detect pedestrians and cyclists. The system will provide an audible warning to the driver if an obstacle is detected, and will automatically apply the brakes if necessary.

The 360 degree camera system is just one of the many innovative features that Audi is offering on its vehicles. Other features include Audi connect, which allows drivers to connect their vehicles to the internet, and Audi side assist, which helps drivers avoid accidents when changing lanes. With these and other cutting-edge features, Audi is setting the standard for luxury vehicles.

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