Best Time to Buy a Used Car, Radar vs. Camera-Based Safety Sensors, and More | Talking Cars #271

We touch on a number of topics this week, including if a used Subaru Ascent is a good replacement for an Audi A4, why your infotainment system might not play nice with your Apple iPhone or Android phone, the right way to tie down an object to your roof, and how Consumer Reports headlight testing differs from that of IIHS. We also discuss routine maintenance that is unique to EVs, why an automatic emergency braking system might give a driver false positives, how car designs might be affected with a move to “skateboard” or modular architectures, using a child seat with an inflatable seat belt, and why you might not be able to tow a hybrid vehicle behind your RV.


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00:00 – Introduction
01:45 – Question #1: Is a Subaru Ascent a good replacement for an Audi A4?
06:02 – Question #2: Which automatic emergency braking system works best: camera-based or radar?
9:34 – Question #3: Why are there connectivity issues between phones and car infotainment systems?
11:46 – Question #4: What is the proper way to secure cargo to a car’s roof?
14:22 – Question #5: What is the difference between CR’s and IIHS’ headlight test?
17:23 – Question #6: What are the required maintenance items from the latest EVs?
20:08 – Question #7: Why does the forward-collision warning activate when there is nothing on the road?
22:50 – Question #8: What common parts are shared between “modular architectures” or “shared platform” on vehicles?
25:14 – Question #9: Is it potentially dangerous to install a forward facing child seat using an inflatable seat belt?
27:14 – Question #10: What small car is best suited for flat towing with a RV?


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Top Tips for Buying Britax Car Seats

Cars and truck seats are currently considered a vital item of child devices that all parents with vehicles ought to have. Although you may believe that you can quickly lug your child in your arms while driving, the reality is, you’ll only be putting your child’s life at risk.

Britax Car Seats – The Wise Choice

If you’re currently looking for a cars and truck seat for your child, possibilities are, you have already discovered the Britax name. Although there are currently numerous brands offered on the marketplace today, Britax continues to be to be a pioneer when it comes to having the most innovative layouts and the very best practical features tailored in the direction of protecting your child from injury.

Features of Britax Car Seats – A Study on What Separates It From the Rest of the Pack

Kid safety seats – in some cases called youngster restraints or simply child seat – as their name suggests, are seats created shield children or infants from the risks and roughness connected with auto accidents or crashes. These restraints are used to maintain the child in area in the event of a collision, as most injuries or fatalities sustained are because of the visibility of inertia adversely affecting unrestrained children inside the lorry. The pressure of the influence might send them flying and jumping within the interior of the lorry.

Safety Ratings of Some Popular Britax Car Seats

“Why are cars and truck seats also taken into consideration essential?” That is a fair question you could posture to as you browse this article for response to questions connecting to the security ratings of Britax automobile seats.

Automobile Maintenance – Find Out How to Save

Today’s jet age has left us without any various other alternative however to depend on a variety of man-made tools to ensure that we fulfill our due dates, and one of them is auto. Although the roads barely have any space left for brand-new autos, the demand is so solid that we don’t actually have any type of choice various other than having an auto if we don’t intend to see ourselves dependent on public transportation.

Get Quality Clutch Pedal Extenders for Your Driving Convenience

Do you like to drive conveniently greater than what you are experiencing now? A quality clutch pedal extender is the appropriate one for you. We barely tip on our clutch pedals on a daily basis and also battle when we are driving our automobiles as a result of our elevation trouble. This problem brought around the development of pedal extenders. These extenders are changeable and adjustable. They might enhance your pedals from 2 to four inches. For some people it might look or really feel unusual particularly initially however it might be more comfy after a number of days.

The Advantages of Adding Bug Deflectors to the Front of Your Car or Truck

You no longer require to be terrified to add this thing called a pest deflector to the front end of your automobile. Once a hideous although functional add-on, it has developed right into a trendy and also practical customized item of the hood and grille. Bugs of the world BEWARE!!!

Car Modification in China – Where the Market’s Going

However in the Rate 1 cities there will certainly be a certain step away from new lorries, creating large chances in the vehicle modification as well as customisation market to allow proprietors to maintain the allure in older models. Business like AC Schnitzer and Tech Art are already on the scene and also have had an affordable amount of success currently.

Boat Cleaning and Detailing Business Topics Considered

A month or so back, I was speaking to an acquaintance concerning the mobile auto outlining field, and also they asked me which areas of the business were the most rewarding. Well, having actually been in the industry previously, I can say that detailing private company jet aircraft was always rather lucrative, however it takes a long time to construct depend build the customer base and also customers. Likewise the marine sector was rather great, yet allow me describe several of the issues you have to take care of in running a boat cleaning and describing service.

Driving Safer in the Dark – With Driving Lights

We have all remained in the dark while driving down the highway – especially when the climate is negative. But also if the weather condition is fine, but we require to get someplace throughout the evening. Picking the appropriate light is crucial – and driving lights can sure make the trip a great deal easier on you!

Cleaning Car Carpet

Cleansing the rug in your car is something you can do on your own. Simply like your residence, you need to take excellent care of the inside of your vehicle.

Buy Quality Automotive Equipment

If you run a garage solution or automobile company, you recognize the value of having extremely trustworthy and also top quality auto equipment. In an extremely affordable vehicle manufacturing market, everyone is looking for advanced innovation that lowers downtime as well as enhances as well as streamlines usage.

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