Big Car, Small Street

There’s something about a big car that just screams ‘classic’. Maybe it’s the way they look, all long and sleek with curves in all the right places. Or maybe it’s the way they sound, that deep rumble that turns heads when you drive by. Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that big cars have a certain appeal.

But what happens when you take that big car and try to navigate narrow streets? That’s the situation I found myself in recently when I took my 1976 Buick LeSabre for a spin in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands is known for its narrow streets, and I have to say, they lived up to the reputation. In some places, the streets were so narrow that I had to be extra careful not to scratch the car. But despite the tight squeeze, I made it through without a scratch.

Now, you might be wondering, why would I want to take my big car on such a small street? Well, for one, it’s a great way to test the car’s maneuverability. And two, I just love driving my LeSabre. It’s such a classic car, and I enjoy every minute I spend behind the wheel.

So, if you’re thinking about getting a big car, I say go for it. Just be prepared to take things slowly when driving on narrow streets.

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