Chinese insider EXPOSES Tesla’s amazing new battery

Tesla’s new battery is nothing short of amazing.

That’s according to Chinese insider, who says the new battery is “unbelievably good.”

The insider, who goes by the name of “A123” on Chinese social media platform Weibo, says the new battery is significantly better than Tesla’s current battery technology.

“The new battery is unbelievably good,” A123 writes. “It’s a total game changer.”

A123 says the new battery is being produced by a Chinese company called Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd (CATL).

CATL is the world’s largest manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries, and supplies batteries to a number of major automakers, including Tesla.

A123 says the new battery will have a significantly higher energy density than Tesla’s current battery, meaning it will be able to store more energy in a smaller package.

This is a major breakthrough for Tesla, as it has been struggling to increase the range of its electric vehicles.

The new battery will also be much cheaper to produce than Tesla’s current battery, according to A123.

“The cost of the new battery is about half of Tesla’s current battery,” A123 writes.

Tesla is expected to officially unveil the new battery technology at its “Battery Day” event on September 22.

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