Live from Los Angeles; How CA Guides the Auto Industry | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #231

When it comes to cars, what happens in California doesn’t stay in California. In fact, the most populated state in the US has a history of affecting changes in car culture and trends around the rest of the country (if not the world!) We speak to CA residents in person during this live recording of Talking Cars from the LA Auto Show, and discuss how issues like emissions regulations, fuel economy legislation, and alternative fuel adoption began here, and have had an impact around the rest of the world.


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00:35 – Who is David Friedman?

01:34 – California Car Culture

05:17 – Electric and Alternative Fuel Vehicles

15:46 – California Car Regulations and CARB (California Air Resources Board)

17:31 – Silicon Valley Influencing The Auto Industry

23:02 – Smart Regulation

29:12 – Question #1: What should you consider when purchasing your first EV?

33:22 – Question #2: Why Automakers are Not Fully Embracing EVs?

38:08 – Question #3: Why EV Infrastructure is Not Driven by Car Manufacturers?

43:46 – Question #4: Should Other Manufacturers Follow Tesla’s Example of Super Charger Network Infrastructure?

48:24 – Question #5: Why Auto Manufacturers Starting to Charge Fees For Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

52:48 – Question #6: What Happens to a Vehicles’ CR Rating When its Reliability Drops Over Time

55:17 – Question #7: How Can States Recoup Lost Fuel Taxes?

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