OUR ELECTRICS: what we love and hate about the electric cars we own | Electrifying

We’ve had our electric cars for a while now and we absolutely love them! However, there are a few things that we’re not so fond of. Here’s a list of the things we love and hate about our electric cars!

Things We Love:

1. The silent engine is amazing! We can’t hear our car running from inside the house, which is great when we’re trying to be quiet in the morning or at night.

2. The acceleration is incredible! We can get up to speed very quickly when we need to, which is great for getting around town.

3. The range is really good! We can go a long way on a single charge, which is great for long drives.

4. The charging is very fast! We can charge our car up in no time, which is great for when we’re running low on power.

5. The environmental benefits are great! We feel good knowing that we’re not emitting harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Things We Hate:

1. The price is a bit high. We paid a lot for our electric cars, which is a bit of a turnoff.

2. The range is a bit low. We can’t go as far on a single charge as we’d like, which is frustrating.

3. The charging is a bit slow. It takes a while to charge our car up, which is annoying.

4. The environmental benefits are a bit overstated. We’re not sure how much good we’re actually doing by driving an electric car.

5. The resale value is terrible. We’re not sure if we’ll be able to sell our electric cars for a good price when we’re ready to upgrade.

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