Rising Car Battery Prices; Stressful Car Buying Situations; Replacement for Ultra High Mileage Camry

This week we dip into the mailbag to answer audience questions, including ways to improve the car buying experience at the dealer, whether all-season or winter tires are better for wet (but not snowy) driving conditions, and if pressing your accelerator will override automatic emergency braking (AEB) in a crash situation, and many more!


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00:54 – Question #1: Why car battery prices are increasing?

03:30 – Question #2: Are Subaru ads accurate, claiming high reliability?

05:34 – Question #3: Replacing a high mileage V6 Camry with a Hybrid SUV.

09:02 – Question #4: Is an all-weather tire better than a winter tire for wet braking?

11:55 – Question #5: Why aren’t manufacturers putting more effort into improving the car buying experience?

15:29 – Question #6: Does the gas pedal override the automatic emergency braking?

17:35 – Question #7: How much range will an electric car’s battery lose sitting in a parking lot for an extended period of time with colder temperatures?

20:18 – Question #8: Will SUVs rule the roost forever, or could there be a shift back to sedans and wagons?

25:23 – Question #9: Which car is better for high altitude driving?

27:34 – Question #10: Please recommend a fun, responsive, safe, and reliable four seat sedan with good fuel economy.


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Car Tire and Wheel Cleaning

Getting the wheels as well as tires tidied up is typically the last point on a motorist’s mind. He directs a pipe to the roof of the vehicle. He gets a sponge and also utilizes it to scrub, time and again. The water flows down the sides onto the asphalt. He wipes the home windows, the hood. But the tires he does not mind. He avoids the tires as well as doesn’t also trouble to examine their functioning problem. Why bother with something that never ever truly obtains clean, anyhow?

Car Exterior Cleaning – A Sparkling Shine

Your vehicle’s looks possibly suggests a lot to you. For beginners, no one desires to drive a vehicle with a crumpled hood, harmed tail lights, a broken window as well as no windshield. Anything however a hideous automobile, some people claim.

Automotive Cleaning Tips – Car Talk

It does not have to be hard to keep your cars and truck spick-and-span. Maintain these suggestions in mind, as well as you’ll be proud to drive your squeaky-clean cars and truck around community.

Honda Body Kits – Pimp My Ride

For those individuals that are driving Honda cars and trucks, there are several methods in which you can make your cars and truck colder. Among which is obtaining your vehicle a Honda body set. With Honda body sets, you can quickly transform the boring as well as the usual to something that exemplifies your character and also signifies your imagination. Keep in mind that of the most crucial points you have to consider in upgrading or changing your auto is the paint task that will certainly be done.

Restoring Antique Cars

Reconstructing Vintage Cars is a lengthy and also extremely specific process. With a little bit of planning as well as the discovering of fundamental mechanical skills, anybody can turn their hand to this most satisfying of restoration jobs!

Restore Your Own Classic Car – Finding Your Future Hot Rod

Exactly how to find an excellent automobile for your reconstruction. What to try to find and what to avoid. Future articles will cover the restoration from beginning to end.

Restore Your Own Classic Car – Planning Your Build

This write-up will help you make it through the preparation phase of you reconstruction. It will certainly provide you some understanding for what should be thought about prior to you enter as well as tear things apart. The preparation phase is very crucial as well as often overlooked. No strategy will certainly trigger your repair to be messy as well as pricey.

Tired of Plain Appearance? – Modify Your Car With Superior Car Body Kits

Are you tired of that simple appearance of your vehicle and want to add some personality? Excellent! Adding some seasoning to your car can make your automobile look more enticing and also more enchanting. If this holds true installing an excellent car body package is the very best choice for your cars and truck.

Body Kits – Taking the Car Ownership Experience to the Next Level

Body packages are the next point to acquire as soon as you have actually picked your auto. You spend a great deal of cash and effort picking and getting your automobile. You make the right choice and wish to be delighted with whatever. Yet for the car enthusiast this is not completion of the vehicle acquisition process, rather it is the start of it.

Classic Car Restoration Parts

Need assistance discovering the right component for your automobile? Required to read more concerning getting car components? Let me help. Automobile Components Online: Locate Everything For Your Automotive Needs

Auto Detailing Element – Why Keep Your Car Waxed

Any type of vehicle proprietor will certainly tell you that they understand it is necessary to wash and also wax their car. That they know it will maintain the auto looking good, stop paint issues as well as maintain the resale worth high. Nevertheless, for one reason or another, they only do the washing part.

Improve Your Mood With a Clean Car!

Cleaning your automobile is not just good for your automobile! It is really great for its motorist as well. In our lives we feel that not just what we do is a representation of ourselves, but what we have is likewise.

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