Rundown of Upcoming Electric Cars & Eco-Friendly Vehicles Arriving After 2022 MY

If you closely follow the news about electrification of the car world, you must have noticed the ever-accelerating pace. Timeframes when EVs are expected dominate the planet used to mention 2050s, but now some automakers dare to mention 2030s and even support these claims with actual production models. To determine whether the trend is indeed in favor of EVs, this video will give you a quick recap of the latest electric car news!

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00:00 Introduction

00:41 VW ID.5 GTX

Nowadays, every SUV from the German VW Group is supposed to get a proper coupe-SUV counterpart. This rule is being followed by the upcoming ID.5 model, which is basically a sloping roofline-version of the ID 4. Built on the MEB underpinnings, the crossover will be first revealed in the performance-focused ID.5 GTX version.

01:43 Lightyear One

The latest reports suggest, that the One will not become yet another solar electric car startup that didn’t make it. The Netherlands-based Lightyear led by a prodigy engineer and CEO, Lex Hoefsloot, has stricken a deal with Valmet Automotive to mass produce the 4-door sedan.

02:54 Genesis GV60

Hyundai Corporation’s new Electric Global Modular platform, AKA E-GMP has already spawned two middle segment EVs, Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6. Naturally, the premium brand Genesis was the next one in line to get a purely electric model named GV60.

03:52 Tesla Model S Plaid by Unplugged Performance

Elon Musk’s new masterpiece has already begun collecting awards. This time the triumph was achieved by the neighboring performance tuner from Hawthorne, Unplugged Performance. Californians returned to the Pike’s Peak Hillclimb.

05:03 Volvo Concept Recharge

The Volvo Recharge concept previews the design of a dedicated skateboard EV platform that shall be used for the future Volvo and Polestar models.

06:04 Enyaq iV

Skoda’s new electric flagship SUV is becoming even more attractive, since the Czech company has dared to bring to the public the conceptual Crystal Face grille.

07:07 Audi Skysphere

This all-electric Audi concept explores the idea of a new generation grand tourer, capable of autonomous driving. The car has a variable wheelbase that can extend its length by almost 10 inches: in the sport mode, the Skyshpere is 194 inches long and is controlled by the driver, while in the GT mode, it measures 204 inches and is ready to take over.

08:14 Zeekr 001

Based on Geely’s Sustainable Experience Architecture, the 2022 Zeekr 001 marks the launch of the company’s dedicated EV brand of the same name. The latter will offer performance-enhanced, luxury vehicles for the Chinese and European markets.

09:23 BYD Dolphin (EA1)

Originally revealed as the EA1 prototype, 2022 BYD Dolphin is already available for pre-order in China in 4 editions: Vigorous, Free, Fashion, and Knight, that differ in standard equipment, battery size and power output.

10:35 Pininfarina Battista

Following the debut of the Rimac Nevera, its technological twin with Italian origins makes a debut in the production spec at the Monterey Car Week. All in all 150 units of Battista will be produced, 5 of which will be specced as an even more exclusive hand painted Battista Anniversario.

11:46 Everatti Porsche 911

The Oxfordshire-based company was founded in 2019 with an ambitious goal – to bring classic cars into the electric age. After successful Mercedes SL and Land Rover Defender projects, Everatti concentrated on the Porsche 911 from early 90s.

12:55 Polaris Ranger Electric

This is not the first all-electric Ranger from the famous ATV brand, but according to Polaris, it will be the most powerful, responsive and versatile member of the entire lineup, both ICE and EV.

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