Top 10 Convertible SUVs of Today: Roofless Designs Without Losing Offroad Capabilities

A convertible SUV does sound like a platypus of the automotive world, but back in the day this form factor was widely popular among the consumers. Today we will try to breathe new life into the segment of off-roady open top vehicles by reviewing the best models currently in production. Moreover, through the lens of the most exciting custom restoration projects we will look into the past history of this car class.

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00:00 Introduction

00:39 Ford Bronco

The Bronco nameplate returns after a 25-year long hiatus to disrupt the status dominance of the Jeep Wrangler, with legit body on frame construction, standard 4×4 drive, and adventure ready two or four door design.

01:45 Hummer EV SUV

The modular platform of the new Hummer allows it to expand the number of body styles beyond the originally presented pickup truck. The Hummer SUV modification will hit the roads in 2024 with a 9-inches shorter wheelbase to improve off-road maneuverability.

02:52 Volkswagen T-Roc Cabriolet

Not discouraged by the failures of the convertible Nissan Murano and Range Rover Evoque, VW decided to try its luck in the segment with a new 2-door, soft-top version of their subcompact T-Roc crossover.

04:11 Land Rover Defender 110 Project Prevail by ECD

The restored 1990s Defenders in both short 90 and long 110 bodies are the specialty of the ECD workshop; among those the Project Prevail caught our attention with its custom soft top and bespoke interior.

05:19 Jeep Wrangler 4xe

Launched to the market in early 2021, Wrangler is the latest Jeep to try out a new plug-in hybrid drivetrain. The system makes 375 horses and consists of a 2-liter gasoline engine, a 17kWh battery with 25-miles potential, and 2 electric motors.

06:22 Ford Bronco by Velocity Restorations

The all-new Bronco is a solid buy for the driver seeking an adventurous vehicle, but anyone ready to spend cash on a true collector’s item, should look into the stock of the Florida based Velocity Restorations.

07:28 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Convertible

Despite gaining a soft top, the Evoque Convertible retains its true crossover stance, sporty lines and raised seating position, thanks to which even the rear passengers can enjoy unparalleled 360-degree sightlines.

08:35 Mercedes-Benz G650 Landaulet

After just 4 years since its debut, the Mercedes-Benz G650 Landaulet has become as rare as Bugatti Veyron while its price has almost tripled. In addition to the SUV’s 99 units limited production, there are several more reasons for this.

09:38 Toyota Land Cruiser ICON FJ40 Roadster

Presented at the 2017 SEMA show, ICON FJ40 Roadster is based on the beloved FJ40 generation Toyota Land Cruiser that was produced in 1960s. Still as rugged as the original, the truck loses all doors and windows, while its metal roof is replaced by a piece of fabric that can be removed when needed.

10:45 Mitsubishi Mi-Tech

Production models by Mitsubishi rarely manage to impress with striking designs and surprising features, but the situation is entirely different for their concepts. The Mi-Tech two-seat roadster SUV was one of the highlights of the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show.

11:47 Mercedes-Benz G250D Wolf by Legacy Overland

Despite the fact that the current G-Class does not look much different from its predecessors, the true fans of rugged 4x4s still prefer its unbeatable, military grade versions. Among such enthusiasts is the Connecticut-based Legacy Overland who created this comprehensive restoration of the 1990 W461.4 also known as the G-Wagen Wolf.

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