Top 10 Exotic Motorcycle Builds and Custom Restorations (Rundown of Recent News)

A factory-made motorcycle is like a blank canvas, that only waits for an artist to turn it into a true masterpiece. This video continues our series about the world’s freshest custom bikes, so join us in admiration of these beautiful machines and get inspired for your own motorbike builds in 2022.

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00:00 Introduction

00:30 Thunderbike Jay Jay’s Classic

Inspired by the cult design from the 1969 Easy Rider movie, this Classic project was created for Thunderbike’s loyal customer Jay-Jay, who already owns 4 custom Harleys from the brand.

01:29 Bad Winners DIY Royal Enfield 650

The French Bad Winners specializes in creating series production custom motorbikes, one-off builds as well as DIY conversion kits. This time, they deliver a complete upgrade kit for the current duo of Royal Enfield 650s.

02:35 Ares Modena Bullet BMW R nineT

Exotic supercars, custom restorations of premium SUVs and retro cars, and surely handcrafted motorcycle builds. The Modena-native Ares Design are proficient in all of these spheres and one of their latest endeavors is a café racer based on the stock R nineT.

03:53 Purpose Built Moto XS650 Cafe Racer

Purpose Built Moto XS650 Cafe Racer is a part of the Australian company’s Signature Series, that reimagines old-school bikes with a modern spin. This particular model starts with a 1973 Yamaha XS650, that Purpose Built client received from his grandfather.

04:59 Nmoto Golden Age

You will never guess it, but behind the wild bodywork of the Golden Age project hides a modest BMW C400X scooter. The Miami-based NMoto makes the model unrecognizable by fitting it with a 9-piece carbon fiber kit, new kidney grilles, and fresh headlight and turn signal housings.

06:07 Debolex DB25

The UK custom workshop DeBolex Engineering first developed a DB25A Prototype by shaping new aluminum bodywork onto the 2021 Monster chassis and then fabricated custom body components from carbon fiber and sheet metal.

07:12 Badland Kumu-Kumu No. 134 Super Trike

Coming to us from Japan, Badland Kumu-Kumu No.134 Supertrike uses a Harley’s Softail Trike from early 2000s as a base vehicle. The model gains custom-designed bodywork, a new fuel tank, and different handlebars, all created by Bad Land.

08:07 Vagabund BMW R nineT V15 Tintman

This is the 15th project by Paul Brauchart and Philipp Rabl of the Austrian Vagabund. As an inspiration they took one of their previous builds “The Whale” based on the R100R, but this time the conversion would be based on a 2016 BMW R nineT.

09:13 Earth Moto Budzogan

stablished some 3 years ago, the Slovakian Earth Moto is a two-men team of custom builders, who are already well-known in the segment for a couple one-of-a-kind bikes. Their latest Budzogan project is based on the 1983 BMW R100, that has been put on a diet for a weight loss of nearly 70 pounds.

10:13 Thirteen and Company’s Amber II Custom

Once your hobby turns into an obsession, great things might follow. Kyle Vara of Thirteen and Company has released the second edition of the Amber that is based on the 1977 Honda CB550.

11:13 R nineT Chopper by ETS:

In its years on the market, the tuning-favorite BMW R NineT has been reimagined in many styles, but turning it into a chopper was always a task not for the weak of heart. This build, however, is an entirely new level of ambitious. Conceived by Nigel Petrie of the Australian “Engineered To Slide” in 2019, the project keeps only the original engine, drivetrain and rear brake.

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