Top 10 Most Innovative Vehicles for First Respondents (Fire Trucks and More)

We don’t often witness them in action, but be sure, at any given moment somewhere in the world first responders are risking their lives. They make sure that others are saved, property is protected and order is maintained. In today’s episode we would like to acknowledge the hard work of firefighters, search and rescue personnel and law enforcement officers by demonstrating a lineup of the coolest new first responder vehicles. These modern machines were designed to protect their lives and make their jobs just a little bit less risky and easier.

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00:00 Introduction

00:42 Torsus Terrastorm

Torsus claims to manufacture the world’s toughest heavy-duty buses and their latest model is an all-new minibus Terrastorm based on the VW Crafter or MAN TGE chassis.

02:00 Gravity Industries

03:11 Rosenbauer PANTHER 8×8×8-the-flagship-of-aircraft-rescue-and-fire-fighting-vehicles

Offered in 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8 versions, Panther by the Austrian Rosenbauer is one of the world’s best known airport fire trucks that even got itself a feature in the Transformers franchise.

04:27 LENCO Advanced Rescue MedEvac G3

The Massachusetts-based manufacturer of multi-purpose armored vehicles continues to develop its first-responders direction. Sharing many features with the long-proven BearCat, the MedEvac G3 is underpinned by a reinforced Ford F-550 chassis.

05:41 Sherp Rescue

We all know Sherp as a fun offroader, but today many search and rescue departments are buying up the stock of this vehicles to ensure that their fleet has an amphibious ATV that can reach any remote location on land and water.

06:55 EHang 216F AAV

The 2-seater version of the Chinese electric VTOL Ehang 216 has recently received a new 216F modification created exclusively to put down fires in high apartment buildings.

08:07 Big Dog 4×4

Established by twin brothers, Geoff and Mike Howe, this Maine company specializes in building military and civil vehicles for extreme conditions. The new Big Dog represents a new generation of the brand’s fire truck and it is the first one, created under the ownership of Textron Systems.

09:15 Terradyne Gurkha MPV

One of 4 modifications available for Terradyne Gurkha, the MPV is sold exclusively to government and law enforcement agencies. It seats 12 people and gets full B7 armoring.

10:22 Unimog U 4023 Rescue Vehicle

In addition to their primary purposes, Unimog vehicles are often turned into ultimate expedition motorhomes. However, the versality of the platform also allows them to be easily transformed into emergency, disaster relief and fire trucks for off-road destinations. The Unimog U 4023 model is chosen for these tasks especially often.

11:43 Dodge Charger & Durango Pursuit /

Dodge has a long history of making specially-tweaked vehicles for police and other government agencies. First, the company started manufacturing its Charger sedan in the Pursuit modification, and in 2018, it made its way to the Durango lineup.

12:58 Ghe-O Rescue

Combining years of experience in extreme motorsport vehicles and various custom-tailored off-roaders, the Romania-based Ghe-O Motors developed this purpose-built Rescue truck.

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