Top 10 Three-Wheel Scooters for Safe and Dynamic City Commutes (Electric & ICE Models)

A traditional scooter has two wheels not because it’s a superior design, but because it’s cheaper and simpler to manufacture. But if the rider’s safety and comfort are prioritized, there isn’t a better solution than to add a third wheel. Today we will explore the best trike scooters that implement the latest engineering solutions to ensure superior on road stability and precise cornering. Believe us, if you wouldn’t want to be a third wheel, you would definitely want one on your scooter.

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00:00 Introduction

00:46 Piaggio MP3 530 HPE

Piaggio MP3 530 is the flagship model in the range, that benefits from the all-new 530cc Euro 5 performance engine and industry-exclusive Advanced Rider Aid System with an Imaging Radar 4D.

02:05 Yamaha Tricity 300

The flagship of Yamaha’s three-wheel urban mobility carries the latest modification of the Euro 5 compliant 292 cc Blue Core single cylinder. For 2022 Yamaha Tricity 300 Customization options include numerous accessories and 5 color options with the new Petrol Blue and Sand Grey schemes.

03:29 Cycleboard

Cycleboard is a manufacturer of standup scooters that belongs to the first wave of electric mobility startups. Today their E-board is represented in three configurations: Elite Pro for street carving, Rover for a no limits all-terrain fun and Golf, which surprise surprise can replace a golf cart.

04:43 Kymco CV3

2022 Kymco CV3 makes its way across different markets, as the brand’s first 3-wheeler with a tilting front axle and a powerful 500cc engine.

05:47 Peugeot Metropolis SW

Peugeot Metropolis SW is a flagship model of the range, that packs new styling and plenty of standard tech.

06:57 Roo

Formerly known as Bicar, this three-wheeler has gone beyond just being a case study of the University of Applied Sciences in Zurich. Today, the Roo is emerging as a young startup in shared mobility.

08:08 Qooder QV3

Qooder QV3 is an agile and fun city scooter with the brand’s Hydraulic Tilting System upfront and a preload-adjustable double hydraulic shock in the rear.

09:12 Lynx

ToTem have already begun production of a standup scooter with a conventional trike wheel layout and heavy emphasis on the rider’s safety. The Lynx is currently being sold in two trims eMotion and eVision.

10:14 Yamaha Tricity 125

In 2022 Europe’s most affordable three-wheeler Yamaha Tricity 125 returned to Yamaha’s lineup bringing along a comfier chassis, Euro5 compliant drivetrain and new tech. The scoot has a well-balanced design with a 2.4inch longer wheelbase.

11:29 Piaggio MyMoover

Piaggio MyMoover is a 3-wheeled commercial scooter with a tilting rear trunk and 3 cargo spots.

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