Top 12 Bobber Motorcycles with Chopped-off Seats: Best Factory & Custom Bikes of 2022

The rise of the bobbers is among the most noticeable trends within the motorcycling world. Fenders and seats are being chopped off left and right on both factory-built models and custom modifications. In this video we will dig into the lineup of the 2021 and 2022 bikes with bob tail jobs, ballooned tires and unique paint schemes.

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00:00 Introduction

00:39 Indian Chief Bobber Dark Horse

Developed from the ground up, the newly introduced Indian Chief lineup replaces the previous gen Chief that from now on, will be sold as Indian Vintage. The range features 6 bikes, including the top-of-the line Indian Bobber Dark Horse.

01:51 Harley-Davidson Street Bob 114

Harley-Davidson Street Bob 114 packs a larger 114cubic inch or 1868cc Milwaukee-Eight with 119 lb-ft, easy 100 mph acceleration, and a modern suspension setup.

02:54 Bristol Bobber 650

The young Philippines-based Bristol Motorcycles continues to grow rapidly, so 2021 marks the launch of the Bristol Bobber 650, as the most powerful model by the brand. As its name implies, the bike features custom bobber styling partially mimicking the famous Triumph Bonneville.

04:06 Honda Rebel 1100

The rebel moniker has been used by Honda on and off since 1985. Its latest holders were the affordable A2 license friendly CMX300 and 500 models, and now the line welcomes a new flagship CMX1100 that shall satisfy the young riders transitioning to bigger machines.

05:18 Moto Guzzi V9

The world has been ridding Motoguzzis for a century now, so the company marks the 2021 model year with special Centenario editions for their best-sellers. Among those is the newly refreshed V9 Bobber.

06:22 Tamarit Motorcycles 80 Valquiria

The next chapter in the expansion of Tamarit’s catalogue of parts and styles was written by the first female member of the team and based on the Bobber Black. The 80 Valquiria is a tribute to the 80s decade.

07:08 Tank Machine x Indian Étoile NEON Scout Series

The French designer Clement Molina from Tank Machine collaborated with the French Indian dealership to create this limited-edition Scout Bobber Sixty, which significantly departs from the regular cruiser aesthetics. Tank Machine x Indian Étoile NEON Scout Series gets three exclusive paint schemes.

08:14 Thornton Hundred Motorcycles Bobber

Among Thornton Hundred latest projects based on the Triumph Bonneville Bobber Black are the Silverstone Blue Wide Wheel and the WFB AKA the world’s fastest Bobber.

09:18 Iwan-Bikes Indian Chief Bobber Sidecar Conversion

This year Indian celebrated the centennial anniversary of the first Chief by introducing the new version of the bike. Next, the company gave various custom shops and builders an early permission to create their versions of the 2022 Chief. Among these was the German Iwan Bikes, who ended up equipping the model with their BellaVista sidecar.

10:21 Kermit by Thor Motorcycle

Based on the stock Scout Bobber with a 100 hp V-Twin engine, this build is a winner of the 2021 Indian Project Scout 3K Challenge. The model was modified by the UK-Based Thor Motorcycles, and as per the competition rules, all of its conversions were squeezed into a budget of 3000 British pounds or 4250 USD.

11:16 Triumph Bonneville Bobber

The only Triumph Bonneville Bobber in 2022 offers enhanced handling, gets a Euro5 compliant engine, and upgrades to the Black-spec treatment as standard. The bike also promises to deliver 61 MPG, squeezing out 195 miles out of the new 3.2gallon fuel tank.

12:26 Honda CMX1100 Rebel Bobber Build

Honda’s CMX500 is Europe’s second best-selling custom motorcycle in 2020, so naturally its bigger sibling Honda CMX1100 Rebel was the first in line to receive some radical modifications from the FRC original Custom House.

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