Top 9 Mercedes-Benz Cars of Tomorrow: the Most Electrifying Luxury Lineup in Years

We have already dealt with the 2022 Mercedes-AMG and Maybach lineups for the multimillionaires of this world. So now the time has come to explore the regular Mercedes models for the ordinary drivers who count their millions in single digits. These automobiles never fail to bring the gravitas of German luxury and impeccable taste in design and technology. Let’s talk everything new of Mercedes in 2022, but
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#1 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQE

Smaller and slightly more modest than the EQS sedan, the 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQE is your cheapest entry ticket into the world of the brand’s electric luxury.

#2 2022 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedan

You won’t notice radical design changes, but the Mercedes C-Class sedan arrives all-new model for the 2022 model year. The fifth generation gets thinner headlights, downturned grille, new alloys from 17 to 19 inches.

#3 2022 Mercedes Concept EQG Concept

Just like Thanos, electrification is inevitable and it won’t spare even the mighty Gelentwagen that can be hardly imagined without a twin turbo V8. The preview of the electric G-Class was given by the Concept EQG that rides on 22-inch wheels.

#4 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS Sedan

2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS Sedan offers 2 configurations: a rear-wheel drive EQS450+ with 329 hps or a dual motor all-wheel drive EQS580 4Matic rated for 516 horses.

#5 2022 Mercedes-Benz C-Class All-Terrain

If you can’t defeat them, become one of them, this is the strategy taken by the 5-th generation C-Class station wagon to compete with SUVs. The first All-Terrain member of the C-Class family has slightly beefier dimensions.

#6 2022 Mercedes-Benz Concept EQT

Despite abysmal sales numbers of the B-Class Electric Drive people’s hauler, in 2022 Mercedes hopes to recapture the compact van segment by targeting a more sophisticated buyer.

#7 2022 Mercedes-Benz CLS Class

2022 Mercedes-Benz CLS Class arrives with a few exterior tweaks, gets a wider engine portfolio for Europe, but offers only one model for the American customers. With the AMG 53 discontinued, the only CLS option is the 450 4Matic with a mild-hybrid 3-liter six-cylinder.

#8 2022 Mercedes-Benz Citan

In 2022, the new generation Citan moves to the CMF-C underpinnings alongside its Renault Kangoo sibling. Mercedes, however, manages to elevate the model with its high-end styling, better quality materials, and standard tech features.

#9 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQB

2022 Mercedes-Benz EQB gets two modifications – the entry-level front-wheel drive with 221 ponies, and the more powerful all-wheel drive with 2 motors and 268 hps. In China, there is also a special EQB AMG Line with 288 horses.

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