Upcoming Electric Bicycles Spearheading the New Stage of e-Mobility in 2022

The recent crisis has significantly trimmed the number of operational manufacturers of electric bicycles. However, the surviving lot and newly established startups are already regaining their footing and we are about to witness the release of numerous e-bike models. Today we will cover the upcoming two-wheelers for the riding seasons of 2022 and beyond.

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Detailed review of all models that were shown in this #ATelectricbikes video:

00:00 Introduction

00:41 Serial 1 SWITCH & MTN

Harley Davidson’s subsidiary electric mobility brand that was launched just a year ago has been rapidly expanding its lineup. The latest, fifth addition to the Serial 1 roster is a hardtail mountain bike SWITCH/MTN with a with hydroformed aluminum frame and internally routed.

02:02 Astro Pro from C3strom

C3Strom use an ambiguous definition of a Class 3 bike to conceal the true motorcycle spirit and stellar off-road performance of their new Astro. This electric scrambler has a bright LED headlight and a 6061 Aluminum alloy frame.

03:16 Juiced Rip Racer

Juiced Rip Racer is a small, rugged bikes with fat tires and 2 modifications, Class 2 with 20 mph cap and Class 3, capable of speeding to 28 mph.

04:29 Engwe X26

ENGWE X26 is an all-terrain electric bicycle: it has an aluminum frame that folds in the middle, fat tires, and a powerful 1000W motor with a dual battery system.

05:38 Aventon Sinch Step Through

Aventon Sinch Step Trough is a new version of the brand’s foldable Sinch bike, that keeps its ruggedness but targets less agile and experienced riders.

06:51 Delfast TOP 3.0 & Top 3.0i

The Ukrainian company Delfast Inc has made a name for itself by creating the world’s longest range electric bicycle and recently as a manufacturer of silent electric bikes for the Ukraine’s military reconnaissance. Their current flagship model is the Top 3.0.

08:12 Eahora Ace

Eahora Ace is the brand’s new flagship model, that is brought in motion by a mid-drive Bafang motor and 768Wh removable battery pack.

09:16 Juiced Rip Current S

2022 Juiced Rip Current S gets several major upgrades, including a new 100W motor and a 998Wh battery pack with 70 miles.

10:28 VanMoof S5 & A5

VanMoof S5 & A5 are the pinnacle of the company’s bicycle creation that introduce 2 new frames and 12 industry-first features.

11:48 Addmotor M-81

Addmotor M-81 targets families and last-mile delivery companies, being able to carry 350 of payload and equipped with a 55-pound rear rack, that can either fit cargo, 2 safety seats for kids or 1 for an adult.

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