Winter Tire Performance; Are Online No-Haggle Car Services a Good Deal? | Talking Cars #276

With winter on its way, many people are asking: what are the benefits of winter tires vs. a set of all-seasons? The popularity of online, no-haggle car services like Carvana, CarMax, and CarSense has grown in recent months, but can you really get a good deal without visiting a car dealership and negotiating on price? We discuss using these services to buy a new or used car, as well as the high cost of replacement key fobs; the benefits of using premium fuel over regular in cars like the Volkswagen GTI and Mazda CX-9; the emergence of sometimes confusing electronic shifters from carmakers like BMW, Volvo, and Genesis; how CR awards points for standard advanced safety features, and if a Mazda6 is a good replacement for a dad who is losing his Acura TL to his teenage drivers.


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00:00 – Introduction
00:47 – Question #1: What are the benefits of winter tires vs. all-seasons?
05:45 – Question #2: Why key fobs are so expensive to replace?
10:08 – Question #3: Is it possible to get a good deal with no-haggle service like CarSense and CarMax?
13:57 – Question #4: What are the benefits of using premium fuel over regular?
16:26 – Question #5: Why car manufacturers are moving towards push-button shifters?
20:57 – Question #6: How does CR award points for safety features to various car models?
23:41 – Question #7: Is Mazda6 a good replacement for an Acura TL?


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